Review of the Stadler Form Mixer Three SFM.3000

Stadler Form Mixer Three – a mixer which guarantees a perfect mixing and beating quality for all products with almost no user input. In addition to the planetary blending system, which gives a homogeneous and lump-free consistency, the mixer has many advantages.

Stadler Form

Planetary Mixer Stadler Form Mixer Three SFM.3000


Stadler Form Mixer Three – mixer, which guarantees perfect quality of mixing and beating any product with little or no user input. In addition to the planetary mixing system that provides a homogeneous consistency and total absence of lumps, the mixer has many advantages. It has a 1000 W motor and 4 professional attachments: Dough hook, whisk, beater for rich aerated mixtures and an innovative attachment – the Scrapemaster™ scraping beater. The Stadler Form mixer has a special bowl lid that minimizes food sticking to the bowl walls and the nozzle itself, so it’s great for mixing small amounts of ingredients – nothing sticks to the bowl, every last crumb goes in the mixer! 12 blending speeds switchable by rotary knob, there is also a pulse mode. Smooth start function prevents splashing, it is protected by a special bowl lid with a feed chute for adding ingredients while the mixer is working. The timer or the stopwatch can be set before switching on, which is convenient both for precise following of a recipe and for culinary experiments. Speed and time will be shown on the LCD display.


– Solid metal housing.

– Hardened steel gearbox.

– Stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 4.7 liters.

– Automatic motor lock when motor unit is raised.

– Auto shut-off in case of overheated motor.

– Dimensions: 380x215x350 mm.

– Weight: 9,5 kg.

Price: 15 990 Dollars.

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