Review of the Panasonic MK-ZG1500 meat grinder

Panasonic MK-ZG1500BTQ meat grinder

The power, the Japanese assembling, the reverse with a lockable switch, the durable inner mechanisms made of metal.

Panasonic MK-ZG1500BTQ meat grinder

No space for storing the cord



Panasonic MK-ZG1500 meat grinder


POWER: 240 Watt input, 1500 Watt maximum at shaft locking.

3 stainless steel slicing bars with small, medium and large holes, self-sharpening forged stainless steel blades, metal loading tray.

CONSTRUCTION: plastic and stainless steel body and metallic inner mechanisms.

MODE: 1 speed, reverse function with lockable switch.

PERFORMANCE: up to 1,5 kg of minced meat per minute.

SIZES: 391h164h327 mm. WEIGHT: 3,8 kg.




The emphasis is on quality, safety, compactness and premium design: a small-sized model is made in a beautiful black case. The mincer turns about 1.5 kg of meat into minced meat in a minute, even tough meat can be made with it. Self-sharpening forged stainless steel blades are durable and will last for years. The presence of the reverse function, when the auger rotates in the opposite direction, is always an indicator of clever design, but the reverse in this model is also equipped with a lockable switch: no need to hold down the button. Internal mechanisms are made of metal, they are much more reliable and durable than plastic ones.

Price: 7499 Dollars.

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