Review of the Mystery Multicooker MCM-1010

Small appliances for the kitchen

American-language markings on the buttons, removable inner lid, sufficient number of modes, detailed and clear instructions, delayed start timer.


English display.

Multicooker Mystery MCM-1010

Technical Features

POWER: Maximum power for cooking: 900 W.


CONSTRUCTION: plastic and stainless steel, non-stick coated and graduated cooking tray, removable aluminum lid, carrying handle, steam release valve, spoon and spoon holder nicely fitted.

CONTROL: partially russified control panel, russified menu buttons, start/heat/off button, clock and timer settings. English-language LCD display with time display, cooking mode menu normal, fast, small amount, steaming, porridge, soup, stew, heating, keeping warm for up to 24 hours , graphic indication of program progress, delayed start timer up to 24 hours, keeping cooking parameters set when power off up to 2 hours.

INGREDIENTS: measuring spoon, spatula, measuring cup, perforated steam cooking bowl, spoon and spoon holders.

DIMENSIONS: 398h294h272 mm.

WEIGHT: 4,6 kg.


WARRANTY: 1 year.


The model has 8 automatic cooking modes and can boil, stew, steam and bake using the programs for soup, porridge, steaming and setting time manually .

If the dish needs to be cooked by a certain time, you can put the necessary ingredients into the pot and set the time to start cooking. Within each cooking program you can adjust the duration of the process. If this is not done, the program will cook at the default time. For example, the program “Porridge” is 1 hour, but you can adjust the time in the range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, if desired. The advantage of this appliance – removable inner lid: it can be removed and washed, which avoids clogging and odor.

2 990 Dollars.

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