Review of the Miele KFN 14927 SDed combination refrigerator-freezer


Roomy, PerfectFresh zone, charcoal filter, accurate temperature regulation in both chambers.

Big kitchen appliances

No ice maker, incandescent light.

Miele KFN 14927 SDed/es combined refrigerator-freezer


DIMENSIONS: 201.1x60x63 cm.

VOLUME: total volume – 332 l, refrigerator compartment – 157 l, freezer compartment – 89 l, PerfectFresh zone – 86 l.

CLASS: energy efficiency À++, power consumption – 268 kWh/year, climate – SN-T from +18°C to +43°C .

FRIGERIZER: NoFrost system, 14 kg/day freezing power, Superfreeze automatics, 30 hours of safe storage time in case of power failure, 3 transparent removable plastic boxes with their own evaporators, hinged freezer tray, storage calendar, 2 accumulators of cold, 1 ice cube compartment.

COOLING: automatic defrosting, DynaCool fan, active AirClean filter, automatic supercooling, internal lighting, 4 clear unbreakable glass shelves with stainless steel protective edge, 2 adjustable in height, one adjustable composite, one fixed, bottle rack in chrome steel, three shelves on the door, 2×6 egg shelves.

FRESH STORAGE ZONE: 2 telescopic rails PerfectFresh storage boxes, one for the “dry” and one for the “humid” version.

CONTROL: Touch controls, electronic temperature adjustment 1°C accuracy , digital temperature display, optical and acoustic alarms in case of temperature changes.

CONSTRUCTION: 1 compressor + solenoid valve, R600a refrigerant, CleanSteel door finish, EasyOpen horizontal metal door handle, SoftClose hydraulic door closer, hinged doors clockwise direction , noise level under 41 dB.

COLOUR: silver, coating material – stainless steel.

WARRANTY: 2 years.



The model belongs to a premium segment.

PerfectFresh zone keeps food fresh up to 3 times longer than usual storage in the freezer compartment. For convenience, both transparent pull-outs have telescopic guides. Temperature adjustable from 0°C to +4°C. One “dry” compartment with a humidity level of 45% and is used for storing meat and dairy products. The second box is “humid”, where the humidity level is around 90%, to store herbs, vegetables and fruit.

Freezer compartment with automatic NoFrost defrost function with automatic shut-off. When you activate it, the temperature is turned down to -24°C so that food can be frozen as quickly as possible. It is recommended to activate this mode beforehand, before foodstuffs are put in, and it will be switched off automatically in 30-60 hours depending on a degree of loading of the chamber.

Three transparent sliding compartments with their own evaporator provide an excellent view of the products and have a practical calendar that indicates when to store them.

The cooling chamber is equipped with the DynaCool dynamic cooling system that allows to maintain the set temperature on all the shelves.

When the super-cooling function is activated, the temperature in the refrigerator compartment drops to +2°C, allowing large quantities of food just brought home to be cooled, and automatically switches back to normal operation after 6 hours.


The new SoftClose shock absorber ensures that the door closes gently and smoothly automatically even when the inside of the door is fully loaded.


AirClean charcoal filter removes and prevents food smells from mixing with each other.

Advantages: roomy, PerfectFresh zone, carbon filter, precise temperature regulation in both chambers.

Disadvantages: no ice maker, the light – incandescent lamp.

126 000 Dollars.

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