Review of the Körting KDF 2095 N 6-piece compact dishwasher

Built-in dishwashers

Economical, can be connected to hot water.


Front handle makes it difficult to install the dishwasher behind the front.

Compact dishwasher for 6 sets Korting KDF 2095 N


Washing: class A, programs: intensive 70°C, 145min . , normal 60°C, 125 min. , Eco 55°C, 170 min . , glass 45°C, 75 min , glassware 45°C, 75 min . , 1 hour 65°C , fast 40°C, 30min. .

Drying: class A with residual heat condensing .

CONTROL: digital display with indication of operation, program, salt and detergent, timer with delayed start, tamper-proof lock.

ECONOMICITY: class A, water consumption 8.7 liters, electricity 0.7 kWh program “Normal” .

CONSTRUCTION: one basket, cutlery basket.

FEATURES: buzzer to stop, 3-in-1 detergent combinations, hot water activation, salt and rinse aid consumption adjustment 6 salt and 6 rinse aid dispenser levels , noise level 54dB.

SAFETY: Aqua Control leak-proof system.

DIMENSIONS: 55x50x43 cm.

WARRANTY: 1 year.



Interesting model, with touch screen controls, short program and child lock. The Aqua Control anti-leakage system ensures that the water supply is absolutely safe. In case of overflow or leaks, the special device Aqua Stop turns on, that blocks the water supply. In addition to regular detergents it is possible to use combined tablets, which is very convenient.

12 990 Dollars.

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