Review of the Kenwood HB724 Triblade Immersion Blender

Food processing

Many useful attachments, proper preparation of purees with special attachment, high power, ice maker.

Food Processing

Numerous accessories need storage space.

Kenwood HB724 Triblade Immersion Blender


POWER: 700 Watt.

FUNCTIONS: chopping, blending, whipping.

CONTROL: 5 speed modes, “turbo” mode.

CONSTRUCTION: rubberized handle, non-slip base.

Complete set: stainless steel attachment with three extra large blades Triblade , oversized flat dish nozzle, mashing tool, stainless steel whisk, 0,5 l chopper, graduated mixing 0,75 l beaker.

DIMENSIONS: 68x68x398 mm.

WEIGHT: 0.7 kg for blender, 2 kg for blender set with attachments and accessories.


WARRANTY: 1 year.


Advanced three-blade blade and high power to instantly turn food into homogeneous puree. Extra large diameter nozzle designed for fast processing of large quantities of food and whipping in flat dishes: portions can be cooked right in the plate. The attachment for mashed potatoes helps to make it according to all the rules, without knocking out the starch from the fibers of potatoes, which makes the mashed potatoes after the usual blender becomes sticky. Powerful motor allows to handle both meat and ice. All removable parts are dishwasher safe.

4 290 Dollars.

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