Review of the inverter split-system with wall indoor unit General Winner Nordic ASHG09LTCB

Winner Nordic – is a new generation of Winner series split-systems from the famous Japanese manufacturer General Fujitsu General Ltd. . Winner Nordic series models combine stylish design and rich functionality. It is no coincidence that this series has already received three prestigious international awards: Good Design Award 2011, iF Product Design Award 2012 and Red Dot Design Award 2012.

Inverter split-system with wall-mounted indoor unit General Winner Nordic ASHG09LTCB

Its ability to provide efficient heating in cold ambient temperatures makes it a versatile system to use. You get summer cooling and winter heating with low power consumption. Thanks to the design features of outdoor units the air conditioners of this series can heat the room even in 25-degree frost. So, for the ASHG09LTCB the cooling capacity at -25°C outside is 2.92 kW with a power consumption of only 1.36 kW, which is more than twice as much as for a standard electric heater. And at outside temperatures around 7 °C when the central heating may not yet be switched on , the ratio of heat output to power input COP is 4.85. Improved compressor, enlarged heat exchanger and integrated drain pan heater guarantee high effi ciency.

air conditioners of this series are equipped with a multi-stage air purifying system and a built-in motion sensor that enables the automatic activation of the energy saving mode in case of absence of people in the room. The infrared wireless remote control has a weekly timer, and allows you to adjust the noise level of not only the indoor but also the outdoor unit. At work of the conditioner in a super-silent mode the level of the noise, created by an internal block, doesn’t exceed 21 dB A .

Price: 70 000 Dollars.

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