Review of the Hotpoint-Ariston LSTF 9H114 CL EU 10 place-safe, built-in narrow dishwasher!

The machine is equipped with an audible signal to warn of the execution of the command turn on, end of the cycle , as well as light indicator of work horizontal beam , which allows you to monitor whether the machine has completed the washing program. The display shows the cycle set, the remaining running time. All programs of this model work with the option “3-in-1”, which allows you to use special detergents in the form of tablets when washing dishes, which, however, somewhat longer program duration.

Integrated technique

Built-in narrow dishwasher for 10 sets Hotpoint-Ariston LSTF 9H114 CL EU


PROGRAMMES: 9 programs: Eco 03:00 , Automatic Intense 02:20-03:00 , Automatic Normal 01:40-02:20 , Delicate 01:40 , Express 00:25 , GoodNight 03:30 , Pre-rinse 00:10 , ShortTime 01:20 , UltraIntensive 02:50 .

Drying: Condensing, class A.

CONTROL: digital display, 1 to 12 hours delayed start, indicators of salt, rinse aid, half load, remaining program time, delayed start.

ECONOMY: Energy Class A. Standard cycle water consumption: 9 liters, electricity 0.83 kW h.

FEATURES: delayed start, half loading in top or bottom basket, concealed heating element, light indication of the operation of the machine horizontal beam , supports for large dishes in the bottom basket, height adjustable top basket.

NOISE LEVEL: 43dB in Good Night mode .

SAFETY: the Acquastop anti-leakage system.

DIMENSIONS: 82x45x55 cm.

COLOR: stainless steel.



BRAND: Italy.

PRICE: 21 900 Dollars.



The machine is equipped with an audible signal to inform the user of the command turn-on, end of cycle and with a light indicator of work horizontal beam , thanks to which it is possible to check whether the machine has finished the washing program. The display shows information about the program set cycle, remaining running time.

All programs of this model work with the 3-in-1 option that allows using in dishwashing the special detergent in the form of a tablet, which, however, slightly increases the duration of the program.

Delayed start from 1 to 12 hours, another popular option, can be added to each of the nine programs.

The number of programs includes several automatic ones, made possible by the presence of a sensor that detects the level of dirt on the dishes and allows you to select the most economical and effective program.

Special GoodNight program provides for its use at night time. The noise level is 43dB.

The half-load function in the upper or lower basket makes it possible to save water, electricity and detergent if the machine is not fully loaded.

The model is equipped with a cutlery and cup holder that can be moved, so it can be used as a tabletop rack. With the LIFT-UP upper basket height adjustment system, you can increase the space in the lower basket and place large-sized dishes. Three basket configurations allow this model to hold up to 10 sets of dishes.

As an environmental guideline, manufacturers suggest using phosphate- and chlorine-free detergents

Large capacity, elaborate programs, low noise level.

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