Review of the gas stove Greta GG 52 CG 33 (W)-0A


Comfortable, inexpensive stove with all the necessary functions.

Large appliances for the kitchen

Not noted.


Greta GG 52 CG 33 W -0A gas stove



4 burners. Front left, far right 1.7 kW each, far left 0.95 kW, far right 2.25 kW.


Gas, 3.24 Kw burner, capacity 54 l, max temperature 270°C.


Large area: mechanical, knobs for turning burners, thermometer, button for ignition and backlighting.


: traditional, glass door front on the outside, removable door.


Gas-tight oven, 2 panes of glass in the door.


: cast iron grids “C” enameled bar “M” in the oven rack, deep pan.


Display in white.


dimensions: 500x540x850 mm.


: 37 kg.


: white marked “W” , brown “B” .


: 1 year.


When choosing a gas stove model, most housewives tend to go for simple solutions, without features they don’t need. This model is just like that, it makes everyday life easier and is a joy to look at.

Foreseen a system of two-hand electric ignition of burners on the hob, which simplifies the process of switching on: you need to sink a little and turn the desired knob, and at the same time press the ignition button. A piezo flame at the base of the burner will produce a spark to ignite the fuel.

The hob has three kinds of burners. In the front row on the left is the medium-power element, on the right – the most powerful.

The far side is designed for dishes that are cooked “by themselves”: here you cook cholodecks, stew meat, braise chicken in sauce for a long time. Medium and small elements help to regulate the speed of heating and the size of the dishes.

In the equipment of the oven the emphasis is placed on the power element and safety.

The thermometer on the door glass allows you to control the temperature.

The thermal insulation of the oven ensures optimal heat retention, which contributes to uniform baking and browning of the food. Double-glazing of the oven also helps to keep the heat, moreover, the outer glass does not overheat.

For safe oven operation is used a gas control system, which protects against gas leaks by timely cutting off the gas supply in case the flame goes out accidentally.

See-through tempered glass lid on the hob. The oven door has three fixed positions, that prevents its slamming at the most inappropriate moment. A convenient storage drawer beneath the oven for holding baking molds.


: 8700 Dollars.

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