Review of the built-in narrow dishwasher Bomann GSPE 772.1

On/Off control

Economical, affordable, wide range of programs for washing.

Built-in appliances

Large tray does not fit.

Bomann GSPE 772.1 recessed narrow dishwasher with open panel for 9 sets

Built-in narrow dishwasher with open panel for 9 sets


SIZES: 82(+6 x44,5×54 cm.

WEIGHT: 32 kg.

CLASS: washing A dry A energy efficiency A +, water consumption – 10.5 liters, electricity consumption – 0.77 kW h in ECO program annual energy consumption – 222 kW h, water consumption per year – 2,940 liters.

Washing: 7 programs – Intensive 65°C, 2 hrs . , Fast 40 °C, 30 min , Full 60 °C, 1 h , Rapid 40 °C, 30 min . , Normal 55 °C, 2 hrs . 35 min. , ECO 50 °C, 2 hrs. 40 min. , 1 hour 60 °C , Glass 40 °C, 1 hour , Quick 40 °C, 1 hour . 35 min. , options – Multifunctional – tablet “3 in 1” 55 °C, 2 h. 30 min. . 6 rinse aid amount positions.

DRYING: condensing.

CONTROL: LED-display, rinse aid and salt dispenser addition indication, delayed start program execution, 1 to 24 hours delayed start.

FEATURES: two baskets on wheels, top basket adjustable in height with folding shelves, cutlery basket, two plastic sprinklers, open control panel, noise level – 55dB.

SAFETY: partial leakage protection.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


This model proves that in-line dishwashers are no longer a luxury, but affordable, and have all the programs you need.

Note that this machine is only 45 cm in width, which means it will fit in a small kitchen. It has a greater choice of programs – there are seven.

Actual Fast mode lasts only 30 minutes due to the fact that prewash and drying are skipped, but washing class A is not lost. Great for freshening up dishes and lightly soiled plates and mugs.

The intensive program is suitable for heavy soiling of pots, pans, pans and trays it includes prewash and high temperature cycles at 65°C.

This machine has the most actual today program ECO, which allows to use the resources, both electricity and water, in a particularly efficient way. The special program, which allows the use of combined “3 in 1” tablets, is extremely convenient.

The user-friendly LED control panel reminds you to add your care products at any time and displays the time remaining to the end of the wash cycle. As with all machines in this class, the buzzer at the end of the program cannot be deactivated.


The salt level can be adjusted to the hardness of your water. This allows you to optimize the salt utilization for your needs. The water softening system is set manually with a rotary switch. Factory setting for rinse aid flow rate is set at “4”. You can change the rinse settings yourself if you’re not satisfied with the rinse performance.

15 800 Dollars

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