Review of the Brand 6051 pressure cooker

Chickpeas and beans are very hard foods, so it’s better to cook them in a pressure cooker. You won’t have to soak the beans or add baking soda, which softens but spoils the flavor, when you boil them. Choose pressure cooking mode and reduce the cooking time by a factor of three: for example, homemade hummus in 40 minutes is quite realistic!

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Multicooker pressure cooker Brand 6051

In summer 2013, BRAND launched a new model of multicooker pressure cooker that promises to be a sensation in its segment. The model has the technological capabilities of a premium appliance, and you can buy it for a very reasonable price. 14 programs Rice, Cereals, Milk porridge, Steam, Roast, Heat, Preheat, Stew, Meat, Soup, Baking possibility of baking bread , Manual, Baby food, Yogurt are provided for quick cooking of healthy and tasty meals.

The 3-step manual process enables to adjust the gestation time from 1 minute to 2 hours and the temperature from 25°C to 130°C in each step. The device cooks both at high and at normal pressure: its level can be adjusted in the range from 1 to 70 kPa. Preheat function up to 24 hours can be turned off before cooking, and if necessary, use the delay cooking up to 24 hours.

Great attention has been paid to safety: a pressure relief device remote from the steam valve , a lid lock in case of high pressure, a device for resetting excessive internal pressure, an innovative steam valve and sensors for temperature control and auto shutoff in case of overheating.

Price: 5990 Dollars.

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