Review of the air washer Bork Q701

Among the priorities of Bork is the concern about the health of consumers, so it is logical that the range of air-conditioning equipment is constantly being updated. The Q701 air washer is one of these novelties. The device cleans and humidifies the air in the room simultaneously. The Bork Q701 has the Eco-Air purification system which disinfects the air. Pre-filter and entire surface and filter discs are treated with organic OMCA Organic Metal Complex Anti-bacteria to prevent micro-organisms and mould from taking hold in the sink.

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Bork Q701 air washer

The device works as follows: the room air passes through the pre-filter and into the wet disc system. The water retains all particles up to 10 microns in size. It can absorb household dust, pet hair, plant pollen, tobacco smoke and other volatile substances. But the mechanical cleaning of the air is only a part of the appliance operation. The Bork Q701 is equipped with an Eco-Air cleaning system that disinfects the air. The pre-filter, the whole inside surface and the filter discs are treated with OMCA Organic Metal Complex Anti-bacteria antibacterial organic compound to prevent microorganisms and mould from settling in the sink. Removable OMCA cartridge further sterilizes the water in the tank. The unit provides an effective cleaning area of up to 30m2 and humidifying area up to 45 m2 450 ml/h capacity . The sink is small in size 391x238x444 mm and has a tank capacity of 5 liters. You can see the water level through a transparent window in the housing and if it drops below the mini-mum, the color signal lights up.

The appearance of the Bork Q701 is elegant – the body is plastic, but the control panel with a number of buttons, indicators and an LCD screen demonstrates the variety of functions. With built-in hygrometer and self-monitoring humidistat with color bar on the front for reminders. They can be chosen according to the intensity of humidification turbo maximum humidification , high high , low maintaining the humidity level . In addition, the sink can operate in four pre-programmed modes: Auto provides 55% humidity in the room , Sleep night mode – turns off the backlight and reduces the noise , Infant maintains the recommended relative humidity for children about 66% and Health tonic mode, in which the level of humidification changes, simulating natural cycles . The manual mode “Warm Steam” starts the water heating and increases the capacity of the air cleaner. The timer controls the time in a preset mode up to 8 hours .

For effective work of the air washer Bork Q701 the following care is recommended: once a week to wash the tank and discs, once a fortnight to vacuum the preliminary filter, once every six months to change the cartridge.


: 23 990 Dollars.

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