Review of Profi Cook appliances – breakfast for gourmets and connoisseurs of expensive cars

The German brand Profi Cook creates appliances that help to achieve professional results in cooking a variety of dishes. Even a simple series of breakfast appliances “under the pen” Profi Cook came out very global and very stylish. If we conventionally compare the design of this equipment with the car design, we can say that Profi Cook kettle is a Mercedes among kettles. The first thing that catches your eye is the combination of different shapes. You can’t figure out what’s bigger here – the rectangles or the smooth, rounded features. The casings are made of black plastic and the front panel is brushed stainless steel. Another common feature is the LED backlit display that adds a third color – blue – bringing a bright, fresh note to this neo-classic.

Profi Cook appliances

Profi Cook PC-WKS 1012 kettle

2400 Watt and 1.7 L water volume boils water in the blink of an eye. Electronic temperature setting from 40 to 95 ° C in 5 ° C increments allows you to brew any kind of tea, coffee and even prepare baby formula. You can turn it on and get ready for work: a warming function with a display will keep your food at the right temperature.

The Profi Cook PC-KA 1010

With 1.5 l coffee pot for 12-14 cups of coffee. A programmable 24-hour timer will get fresh coffee right when you wake up, and a heat preservation function keeps it hot for 2.5 hours.

Profi Cook PC-TA 1011 toaster

, With six levels of frying, auto-centering toasts and a digital timer, it cooks just the way you like – no need to stand over the device and control the process. Even frozen bread can make a fine breakfast, thanks to the defrosting function. Particular attention to safety: even the smallest slices of bread will be raised high for easy removal.

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