Review of LG KVN 6403 AF induction cooktop

The hob has four induction burners: two of them are medium and two are equally powerful. The elements are placed so that on the left side there is the middle burner with 1,4 kW, and on the right side – the high power element with 2,1 kW.

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LG KVN 6403 AF induction cooktop


SIZES: Front left 160 mm, 1.4 kW Boost 1.8 kW , far left 200 mm, 2.1 kW Boost 2.5 kW , front right 200 mm, 2.1 kW Boost 2.5 kW , far right 160 mm, 1.4 kW Boost 1.8 kW .

INFO: infinitely variable power levels, Boost function, timer for 99 min. for all burners.

CONTROL: touch control, power selection slider, Boost buttons, timer with indicators.


SAFETY: indicators of residual heat, child lock, overheat protection, water immersion on the control panel, automatic shut off.

CONSTRUCTION: beveled edges.

SIZES: 590x520x53 mm, recess for installation 560×490 mm.

WARRANTY: 1 year.

New induction cooktop, equipped with only the most essential functions.


The hob is equipped with four induction burners: two of them are medium and two are equally strong. The elements are positioned so that the left row has the medium 1.4 kW burner in the front, while the right row has the powerful 2.1 kW element.

All the cooking zones are equipped with PowerBoost function. It serves to increase the power of the desired zone to heat the food quickly. This is done by borrowing power from the paired element.

This function can be activated for up to 8 minutes., Sufficiently fast for bringing water to boil, heating a large portion such as soup or heating a grill.


Controlled by touch buttons and slider. Use the button to select the required cooking zone. Then a slider smoothly selects the power level. This level is displayed on the digital burner indicator.

The panel is equipped with a timer. The timer automatically turns off the burner heating after a set time. The function is quite convenient, because it frees the user from the need to be at the stove at the right moment.

A buzzer informs the person that the cooking process is finished, and he or she can then, for example, lay the table and serve the food.

Optimal function set, control with touch slider.

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