Review of Casio XJ-H2650 interactive multimedia DLP projector

The model has implemented interactive features. With Casio’s special marker can work with the screen as if in its place an interactive whiteboard: draw over a projected picture of the lines, figures, emphasis on the deltas, to control your computer in mouse mode. Another important advantage of this model is support of 3D display.

DLP projector Casio XJ-H2650Casio_XJ_H2650

Interactive multimedia DLP-projector Casio XJ-H2650

The first Pro series projectors were on the market in 2011, but they all had XCA resolution.One year later Casio expanded its Pro line with WXGA models, and the XJ-H2650 is one of them.

Traditionally, only lamp projectors were represented in the segment of stationary devices of this class, any other models with alternative light sources e.g. LED simply lacked power to compete with them. One Co Pro has made a difference. After all, with a powerful light output of 3500 ANSI-Lm, the XJ-H2650 doesn’t need to replace the lamp: the laser-LED light source installed in the model lasts up to 20000 hours. XJ-H2650 is adapted for 24/7 operation – every day it pauses projection for 10 seconds and carries out self-diagnosis. The projector can be controlled remotely via a LAN. Support of content display from USB-drive allows to project files video, images, slides without laying the cables from the signal sources. It is also possible to transmit content wirelessly via Wi-Fi from computers, and with the Mobi Show software from smartphones.

This model features interactive functions. With the help of a special Casio marker it is possible to work with the screen as if it were an interactive whiteboard: draw lines and figures on the projected picture, accentuate the details, control the computer in the “mouse” mode. Another important advantage of the model is support of3D demonstration.

The projector is equipped with a 10-watt speaker and does not require the connection of speakers.

Casio pays special attention to the environment and energy saving. Its mercury-free hybrid light source and low power consumption even in standby mode it consumes less than 1W . In addition, the projector can reduce energy consumption during the show. Equipped with a light sensor, it is able to reduce its brightness if the room is dark and there is no need for a powerful stream of light. This function works for both desktop and overhead installation

Price: 112 260 Dollars.

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