REDMOND SkyThermopot M810S smart thermopot

The REDMOND SkyThermopot M810S can be controlled via the free Ready for Sky mobile app. All the functions of the thermopot are available in the app, and there are a few extras as well, including setting a schedule for the device to work, for example to have water heated to a preset temperature for breakfast in the morning.

REDMOND Smart Thermopot

Stainless steel case

The casing and the SkyThermopot tank are made from ecological, durable and long-lasting stainless steel.

Easy to use

The SkyThermopot is equipped with a convenient carrying handle, and the lid and descaling filter are removable – they are easy to remove and wash.


Control from a faraway zone is available when the REDMOND Gateway is connected. Check out more on the manufacturer’s site.

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