REDMOND RVS-M020 vacuum packer: multiply your shelf life by ten

Autumn is harvest time. You want to keep your greens, apples, and vegetables fresh and fragrant until the coldest winter days. Freezing, canning – all used and done, but want something a little more advanced. The REDMOND RVS-M020 vacuum bagger gives you a new approach to food preservation. For example, you can leave steamed vacuum-sealed meat in the refrigerator for a week and a half without risking to take out spoiled and dangerous to health product at the end of this period.


REDMOND RVS-M020 vacuum sealer

Everything is simple: you just put the products in a special plastic bag, clamp the open end in the vise of the packer and press the “Start” button. The rest is a matter of technology vacuuming lasts only a few seconds. The packaging avoids contact with oxygen and therefore the oxidation of the products, increasing their shelf life.


The RVS-M020 is particularly useful for those who like to prepare fresh food. You can make several dishes at once and then vacuum seal them in batches. As a result you will always have ready and – most importantly – fresh food in your fridge.

Vacuum packaging is also reliable! Using laminated cardboard for packaging, you are always sure that the sandwiches, for example, will not crumple invaluable on picnics .

And how often have you cleaned your child’s backpack of leftover lunch because the briefcase was used for sliding down the slide or playing soccer? With vacuum packed food this problem does not even arise, and the dinner itself retains its pristine freshness.


Without using the REDMOND RVS-M020 vacuum bagger, it would not be possible to cook with the latest sous-vide technology. sous-vide . The basis of this method is a long thermal processing of food at relatively low temperatures 50-60 ° C . This way you achieve two results: Firstly, your food heats evenly all over, never burns and remains juicy. And secondly, and more importantly, preserves the structure at the level of cell membranes. This means crunchy vegetables do not turn into mashed potatoes and do not lose vitamins, and meat and fish does not denature and break proteins.


The REDMOND RVS-M020 is not limited to the kitchen. You can pack moisture-prone gadgets, documents, first-aid kit, matches, etc. in vacuum-sealed bags before going on trips to the countryside or traveling. At least things won’t get damp and you won’t have to worry about them until your destination. By the way, even small items of clothing, such as wool sweaters, can be vacuumed for long-term storage – closed bags will not get to insects, and things themselves will take up much less space on the shelves than usual.

The REDMOND vacuum sealer RVS-M020 is available from the manufacturer’s website for immediate ordering.

Product processing

The history of industrial vacuum cleaners started in the 1960s. Originally they were bulky and expensive, so vacuum-packed food was prepared for space missions, for example. Since the 1970s the technology has found application in the restaurant business and only in recent years have affordable household vacuum packers appeared on the market.

From the name of the vacuum packer it is clear how it works – it completely evacuates air from the package and then hermetically seals it. Due to the lack of contact with oxygen sealed in this way products remain fresh many times longer when stored in the refrigerator, and freezing makes their shelf life extremely long.

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