Rediscover music: this is the mission of the legendary Technics audio brand to return to the global market

Berlin, Germany, September 3, 2014.-Panasonic Corporation announced the return to the European market of the iconic and much-loved Technics audio brand. This December, for the first time after six years, the new Technics premium hi-fi products will go on sale in Europe, and later in other regions of the world.


The official announcement of the return of the Technics audio brand was made by Technics project director Michiko Ogawa at the IFA 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin.

Ms. Ogawa, who previously worked as an audio engineer for Technics and is a popular jazz pianist in Japan, said that production of the new products will be based on the “Technics Definitive Sound” concept. The concept will combine all of Panasonic’s sound technology and know-how accumulated over several decades.

The Technics Definitive Sound concept consists of three main technical parameters


– “Precision Digital Technology” delivers a signal with precise amplitude and phase characteristics and perfect power conversion

– “Noise reduction technology” thoroughly removes background noise, ensuring perfect digital sound

– “Emotive acoustic technology” forms a clear sound reproduction and t.n. Three-dimensional sound environment with an ultra-wide frequency range and high dynamic range.

According to Ogawa Michiko, the most important mission of new Technics is to give every listener a unique and emotionally rich musical experience.

“We’re moving forward, constantly discovering new areas of music. But as the years go by, we become increasingly distracted by the mundane events of life and begin to lose our true love of music. Technics is giving us the opportunity to ‘rediscover music’ and experience unique emotions that we thought we’d lost,” says Michiko Ogawa, explaining Technics’ new slogan ‘Rediscover music’.

Two new series of Hi-Fi audio systems

Initially, the Technics brand will comprise two product series: the reference class system R1 and the premium class system C700.

The R1 series consists of three high-quality components capable of delivering music reproduction of the highest class:

– SE-R1 Stereo Amplifier

– SU-R1 network audio player

– SB-R1 Speaker System Speakers

The Technics C700 premium series consists of 4 hi-fi components and is designed for true connoisseurs of professional sound:

– The SU-C700 Integral Stereo Amplifier

– ST-C700 Network Audio Player

– SL-C700 CD player

– SB-C700 Speaker System

The new Technics products will be on sale this December.

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