Recipes for multicooker: holiday pilaf

Today we are cooking holiday pilaf in a Cuckoo multicooker. Then select “PLOV” mode.

We will need:

1. Lamb – 400 gr.

2. Rice – 3 m.tbsp.

3. Carrots – 300g.

4. Onion – 1 head.

5. Garlic – 2-3 cloves.

6. Nohut peas – 0.5 m. tbsp.

7. Quince – 50 gr.

8. Raisins – 20 gr.

9. Pomegranate seeds – 30gr.

10. FAT – 70 gr.

11. Water – 4 gr.tbsp.

12. Barberry – to taste.

13. Salt to taste.

14. Oil – 3 pcs. – 100 gr.

Cuckoo CR-1051 Multicooker


1. Pre-soak the peas overnight in cold water.

2. Cut the fat into small pieces, cut the meat into medium slices.

3. Grate carrots in coarse julienne strips.

Chop an onion. Wash the garlic. Slice quince.

4. Press “RIGHT”, “LEFT” buttons to select “Frying” program, set time 20 minutes and temperature level 3. Press “START” button.

5. Fry the meat in the fat until crispy and brown, then put it in a separate bowl.

6. Fry carrots and onions separately.

7. Put meat, carrots, onions and peas in the bottom of the bowl and add spices to taste. Pour 3 measuring cups of water and mix everything thoroughly.

8. Evenly arrange the rice, put the quinces and the garlic inside.

9. Press “RIGHT”, “LEFT” buttons to choose “PLOVE” program. Press “START” button.

At the end of the program, open the lid and add raisins and pomegranate seeds.

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  1. Teagan

    This holiday season, I’m looking to try something new in my multicooker. Does anyone have a delicious recipe for a festive pilaf? I want to impress my guests with a flavorful and aromatic dish. Please share your recommendations and any tips you may have for cooking pilaf in a multicooker. Thank you!

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