Recipes for multicooker: green cabbage soup

Today we are going to cook apples in our Cuckoo multicooker

green cabbage soup. For this we will choose the program mode – SOUP 1. So,

We will need

green cabbage soup

1. Meat on a bone – 500 gr.

2. Spinach – 300 g.

3. Sorrel – 200 gr.

4. Potatoes – 250g.

5. Egg – 3 pcs.

6. 100 grams of meat.

7. Pepper to taste

8. Salt – to taste

9. Water – 7 m. Tbsp.


Wash the meat. Peel spinach, sorrel and rinse thoroughly.

Cut potatoes into medium slices.

Put meat, potatoes into a bowl and add 7 level measuring cups of water.

Press “RIGHT”, “LEFT” buttons to choose the “SOUP” program.

Press “START” button.

After finishing cooking, open the lid and add spinach, sorrel, peppers and salt to the bowl.

Let simmer for 10 minutes in “HEATING” mode.

Taste and season the soup with whites. For the dressing mash the egg yolk with the sour cream.

Note: It is not recommended to cook in “COOKING” program:

Pour the liquid water or broth over the mark of 3 liters, indicated in the bowl of the multicooker.

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