Recipes for Multicooker: Charlotte

Today we are going to cook in a Cuckoo multicooker


For this we choose the program mode



We will need:

1. Apples – 3 units.

2. Sugar – 1.5

3. Flour – 1.5

4. Butter – 10g.

Cuckoo CR-0821FI Multicooker


1. Wash and core the apples and cut into large cubes.

2. Beat the eggs with sugar until a stiff white foam.

3. Add flour in batches to the ready mixture, stirring constantly so that the foam does not settle and the dough is more airy.

4. Grease the bottom and walls of the bowl with butter.

5. Place chopped apples in the bowl and pour the batter over them. Press “RIGHT”, “LEFT” buttons to select “OVEN” program, set time – 60 minutes and temperature level 1.

Press START button.

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