Rapoo H6060 headphones went through the showcases and came into my hands

The Rapoo H6060, a good-looking pair of headphones, recently hit the Bluetooth headset market. They went through the store windows and then came into my hands. In addition to the interesting appearance, they have interesting features, so it was a pleasure to study them.

Audio equipment


Rapoo H6060 – it’s unpretentious in appearance, but very attractive in appearance: lacquered plastic body, ear cushions made of pleasant touch leatherette, the inner part of the headband is covered with rubber. The cups are attached with hinges, and you can adjust the size of the headband with the help of guides. They go out of their sockets with snaps, you will have to make some effort to adjust them to your head.

Rapoo H6060 lightweight headband design, which does not weigh on your head. You can’t say that the headset is absolutely weightless, but it is comfortable to wear for a long time. You can listen to music for hours without feeling uncomfortable or, for example, chatting on Skype. Not bad for, say, call center operators.

There are touch buttons on the left ear cup and it didn’t seem to be the best solution. Not only is it difficult to switch songs in the first few days without peeking into the mirror or constantly putting on and taking off the headset. So even after you seem to remember the location of the buttons, you always wonder if you put your finger there? Certainly, touch-sensitive and sleek design is in fashion nowadays, but the external beauty does not always go hand-in-hand with the daily practicality.

In the home

Rapoo H6060 batteries can last about 15 hours of music listening. Stereo headphones sound good during a conversation – the voice of the interlocutor comes through clearly. But my interlocutors complained about the noise and muffled voice. Apparently, the microphone still falls short of the ideal.

But with the Rapoo H6060 you can listen to music. Audiophiles please do not worry primarily because of the limitations of Bluetooth-technology , but the less demanding fans to go through life with a song headphones may come in handy. The volume reserve they have average. For home use or in the park it is enough to spare, but to shout down the subway to headphones is already difficult.

When paired with a phone Rapoo H6060 automatically switches from music tracks to the incoming call. You can pick up the phone by pushing the on/off button on the headphone itself, so you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket at all. A stable reception is provided at a distance of 5-7 meters, depending on the thickness of the walls. In the open air, the distance goes up to ten meters.

You can connect to multiple devices at the same time. I can listen to music from my iPod and take calls from my phone or computer, for example. Comfortable!

Charges the headset’s lithium-ion battery in about three hours via a USB cable that plugs into a well-hidden connector behind the cap.


Stylish headset, which costs quite moderate, and is sold, by the way, in two colors: white and black. The sound is good. Of course, Rapoo H6060 is a budget model, so do not have too high expectations for it. But it’s really not a bad companion for music lovers and fans to talk on the road, who are not picky about the quality and are willing to get used to the touch buttons.

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