Raisin and raisin muffin (450 g) by Rolsen

We will need:

Muffin with raisins

0.75 cup water,

2 cups wheat flour,

salt teaspoons 0.75,

sugar tablespoons 2,

skim milk powder table. spoons 1,

butter tablespoons 1,

Yeast teaspoons 1,

raisins cups 0.25.

Cooking method:

1.Remove the dish and put the spatula on the mixer.

2. Load the ingredients in the order and quantity shown, except for the raisins.

3. Put the dish in the baking oven and turn clockwise slightly.

4. Press the MENU button so that the name of the program “muffin” appears on the screen.

5. If necessary, set the delayed start timer time.

6. Press START button.

7. After the beep, add the raisins.

8. When finished, remove bread using oven mitts.

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