RACE: original design and ease of use

RACE series

– are air conditioners with stylish design, which will decorate any interior. RACE has four operation modes, three fan speeds, additional settings, and the highest energy efficiency class “A.


In addition to the basic modes of operation: cooling, dehumidification and ventilation, RACE air conditioner can be used for heating: you only need to turn it upside down and swap the air discharge grille and air duct. The device is equipped with automatic system of condensate evaporation, which prevents the accumulation of moisture in the air conditioner during cooling and dehumidification.

Another feature of this air conditioner is the duct, extended to 1.85 m., that can be positioned vertically or horizontally without bending or pressure loss. The air conditioner is completed by a complete set of accessories and a convenient ergonomic remote control that allows to make installation and use of the air conditioner as convenient as possible. Easy movement of the appliance due to the chassis.

New in 2016 from ROYAL Clima – mobile air conditioner RACE is available for shipment from warehouse in New York.

General distributor of ROYAL Clima equipment in America – “BRIZ-Climatic Systems” company

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