Quirky kitchen gadgets: the wine bottle should be popped in culture

Quirky presents: a series of kitchen gadgets designed to save your mood while cooking and serving food! When it comes to a bottle of your favourite wine, nothing is too small. And while the history of this drink goes back thousands of years, we still have a lot to add to its drinking culture.


Wine is a ritual. The Verseur corkscrew will help you to taste a new variety like a barman! First of all, Verseur makes it easy to uncork any bottle.

Since it’s no surprise to connoisseurs, we complemented this multi-corkscrew with a special dispenser. It makes it easy to pour wine neatly and effectively. And you can reliably preserve the rest of the wine by using the versatile cork, which is also part of the Verseur.

Drop an anchor! Wine storage requires just as much attention. The Vine wine bottle rack is the tiniest solution for keeping bottles on the refrigerator shelf. This “anchor” is put on the neck of the bottle and keeps it where you want it.


Not to shuffle! All good things come to an end sometime to start again, of course , and after good things are often left with unwashed glasses. Bravely put them in the dishwasher, because their safety is ensured by special silicone holders Tether!

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