Quality, value and compact design: Canon introduces new LX MU500Z laser installation projector

Canon launches ultra-modern and compact LX MU500Z laser installation projector – ideal for schools and businesses. Based on DLP digital projection technology, offering 5000 lumens, WUXGA hardware resolution, rich color reproduction and a contrast ratio of 50.000:1. With its image quality, the new model will empower speakers in the classroom or conference room.

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High brightness and great image quality

The LX MU500Z projector has a brightness of 5000 lumens, which guarantees excellent image visibility in different rooms, from well-lit classrooms to open conference rooms. The built-in blue laser diode and yellow phosphor disk make for clear and realistic color reproduction with high brightness.

Vivid and shaded areas appear in brilliant detail, so the LX MU500Z is the perfect companion for teachers who rely on visuals, as well as for business people looking to communicate their business idea and captivate conference presentations.

The LX MU500Z supports WUXGA 1920 x 1200 hardware resolution, which means super sharp images with legible text, smooth animation and natural video. The high resolution will be a vital asset for your presentations, digital signage and entertainment material. High-quality DLP panels deliver stunning picture performance without the grating effect of traditional LCD projectors.

The LX MU500Z projector makes viewing more comfortable with a high contrast ratio of 50.000:1 and clear, saturated colors, including deep black. Impressive imagery will help unlock new business opportunities and create impactful in-store displays.


Industry-leading flexibility

The LX MU500Z is compact and lightweight, making it easy to set up and move around, even in confined spaces. As it uses a laser light source, it does not require long component replacement, which is important in busy office and academic environments. The projector is only 35dB so materials can be projected in silence without any disturbance.

The LX MU500Z can be rotated to any angle due to its large ± 50% lens shift range, portrait mode projection and keystone correction on all four corners. In other words, no matter what angle you position the projector, even if it’s not perfectly aligned, you can maintain accurate image geometry. The LX MU500Z supports HDBaseT for transmission of HD images, audio and control signals over CAT5e cable up to 100m.

This makes the LX MU500Z suitable for any room where images need to be projected from afar, such as large conference halls and lecture theatres. You can also monitor and control the projector via the built-in LAN port. This is especially useful in educational facilities on a tight budget, allowing IT staff to diagnose problems faster and reduce the time and expense of maintenance.

The projector features five image processing modes and two custom modes to ensure clear and standardized projection of any content. This is especially important when displaying medical and technical training material. In addition, the LX MU500Z is capable of receiving various types of 3D signals and displaying crisp and entertaining 3D contenti. Add depth to creative presentations or project mesmerizing lecture programs.

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Cost-effective and energy-efficient

The LX MU500Z features a blue laser diode and yellow phosphor disk with an operating life of up to 20,000 hours, significantly longer than lamp light sources. The projector has no replaceable parts – it’s easy to maintain and inexpensive to operate. The LX MU500Z’s maintenance costs are further reduced by the light source’s instant on/off capability, as well as reduced power consumption in normal and standby modes. Should the LX MU500Z malfunction, Canon will provide a free, next-day, temporary replacement projector under a long-term five-year warrantyiii. It reduces total cost of ownership and downtime.

Key features of the LX MU500Z

  • WUXGA 1920 x 1200 pixels hardware resolution

  • Brightness: 5000 lumens

  • DLP technology

  • Blue laser diode and yellow phosphor disk

  • 20,000 hour lamp life

  • Four angles keystone correction

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  1. Tatum

    This Canon LX MU500Z laser installation projector seems to have impressive features, but I wonder how it compares to other leading brands in terms of image quality and brightness? Additionally, does it come with any built-in connectivity options or do I need to purchase additional accessories for seamless integration with my other devices?

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