Poweusaul Patriot Viper Steel DDR4 SODIMM Memory

PATRIOT, the U.S. manufacturer of RAM, SSDs and Viper Gaming peripherals, introduces high-performance Viper Steel SODIMM notebook memory in 8GB to 16GB capacities and speeds up to 3000 MHz. Viper Steel SODIMM series – the ideal solution for gamers who prefer mobile systems to traditional PCs.


Today’s professional eSports and gaming enthusiasts are not only choosing powerful desktop computers, but are also turning their attention to handheld systems. One of the reasons users face is that the built-in memory of the laptop does not provide the proper level of performance. That’s why Patriot developed the high-performance Viper Steel SODIMM series memory – for the more demanding and sophisticated users who prefer to play and work on laptops.

Viper Steel SODIMM provides good performance under heavy system load. Viper Steel SODIMM memory modules undergo manual testing and compatibility testing on the latest Intel® and AMD™ platforms.

According to Roger Shinmoto, vice president of Patriot Viper Gaming, “The growth in sales of gaming notebooks is due to their mobility and performance. Nevertheless, performance can still be improved, which is why we’ve created a new line of memory designed specifically for gamers who prefer mobile systems and portable ITX platforms over traditional PCs.”.


One of the main objectives of the memory manufacturer for gaming laptops, is to eliminate the possibility of overheating in the limited space of the system. Because of this, Patriot uses materials that can withstand high temperatures, while maintaining the stability of the system itself. In addition, the chips used for Viper SODIMM Steel Series gaming memory modules undergo an additional high-temperature qualification test.

Viper Steel Series DDR4 SODIMM RAM compatible with the latest Intel XMP 2 specifications.0, has a 10-year warranty, is available in volumes from 8GB to 16GB and has speeds from 2,400MHz to 3,000MHz.

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