Potato casserole with meat from Oursson multicooker


Ingredients for 10 servings
Boiled beef
Beef, pulp , g800
Onions, pcs. ~ 150 g1
Carrots, pcs. ~ 100 g1
Greens, bundle1
Bay leaf, pcs.1
4 pepper mill mixpinch
Salt, g10
WaterUp to the MAX mark
Meat stuffing
Sunflower oil, g50
Onion, pcs. ~ 150 g2
Boiled beef, g500
Beef broth, ml100
Potato batter
Potatoes, pcs. ~ 150 g6
Eggs. ~ 50 g3
Sour cream, 20% fat, g100
Wheat flour, g50
Mill 4 pepper mixtureto taste
Salt, g10
Butter to grease the pan , g20
Sour cream, 20% fat, g250

Method of cooking:

1. Put all the ingredients for the boiled beef into the pan of your multicooker.

2. Cook on “Boil” setting for 1 hour at maximum pressure of 3.

3. Strain the broth and put it in a bowl. Chop and mince meat.

4. Chop the onions finely.

5. Put sunflower oil and finely chopped onion into the pot of the multicooker.

6. Select “Bake” mode, cooking time 10 minutes. Fry onion.

7. When the onion becomes transparent, add the sauteed meat, salt, broth and ground pepper. Stir and fry for another 5-10 minutes.

8. Transfer the meat filling to a deep bowl and cover with a lid.

9. Boil the jacket potatoes in the “Boil” mode, cooking time 30 minutes, pressure at -3.

10. Boiled potatoes cool, peel and mince through a meat grinder, add all the ingredients and knead into a smooth dough.

11. Grease the pan of your multicooker with butter, place half of the potato batter, then the meat filling, flatten and cover with the remaining potato batter.

12. Use the “Bake” cooking mode, for 1 hour. After the beep, cool the casserole and tip it onto a flat dish.

13. Cut the potato casserole into portions, arrange on plates, season with sour cream and serve.


You can freeze the beef broth and use it to make soups or sauces.

Cooking Time: 3 hours

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