Portability and productivity: Acer unveils new PM1 monitor

Acer introduced the PM1 monitor on the American market. The new product is designed for frequent travelers who not only need a notebook computer while traveling, but also need an additional ultra-thin portable monitor for work and presentations. Highlights of the PM1 include minimized thickness, light weight, IPS screen with high image quality, and USB Type-C cable charging and connectivity to PCs, notebooks and mobile gadgets.


The main idea of design and construction Acer PM1 – full mobility and freedom of the user. At 2 cm thin, the 15.6-inch monitor weighs just 970 g, so it can easily slip into a backpack or purse, take it on the road or into an outside presentation. Using PM1 as an additional screen and connecting it to a smartphone or tablet, users can easily demonstrate their ideas to customers. Foldable stand with adjustable angle allows you to set the monitor to any position you like.

The monitor uses universal USB Type-C connector, which is responsible both for data and picture transmission, as well as monitor’s power supply. Modern IPS matrix delivers great picture quality with 45% NTSC color gamut Full HD resolution 1920×1080 pixels .Large viewing angles of 170° let everyone involved and the presenter see an undistorted image from almost any angle.

Price and affordability

Acer PM1 portable monitor comes with 3 years of warranty. The monitor is available in America starting from 13,990 Dollars.

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