Pole Pruner Greenworks G40PSF: hello to you from above

Testing the Greenworks G40PSF Pole Pruner.

Greenworks G40PSF

A couple of spouses were chosen as testers.

Let’s see what tasks the lady can handle, and when you need a strong man’s shoulder and head and hands . And the grandson watches from a safe distance and is happy.

Specifications Greenworks G40PSF


Greenworks G40PSF

Branches and limbs can be trimmed up to 4 meters high.

Type: cranked compound .

Autonomy time: up to 80 min.


Battery and charger – optional.

High capacity G-MAX 40V GREENWORKS G40B4 Li-Ion battery 4A .ch . Consists of Japanese Sanyo cells, has built-in electronic circuitry to protect against overcharging and overheating. Life span of over 2000 full charge cycles. Shock-resistant housing for protection against mechanical damage. Operating temperature range down to -20 degrees C. Voltage 40V. Charge level indicator 10% 45% 70% 100% . Weight: 1.3 kg. Compatible with all products in the GreenWorks G-MAX 40V product line.

The Greenworks G40UC4 is a quick charger for lithium-ion batteries. Long service life due to integrated overcharge protection: charging is automatically stopped when the battery reaches 100% capacity. Stable on any surface due to rubberized feet. Compatible with Greenworks G-40V batteries. There is a charge indicator. Capacity 2/3/4/6A.ch

Boom: Triplex, maximum length 2.5 m.

Bar: made of Oregon silicon steel, 20 cm.

Special features: noise level of 96 dB, accidental start protection, overload protection.

Greenworks G40PSF oil

The oil tank is in glass case, what is convenient for constant level control. Enough oil for 15 to 40 minutes of work.

Weight: 3.6 kg.

Warranty: 2 years.

Country of manufacture: China.

Getting ready to work

Greenworks G40PSF

Assembly, inspection

Greenworks G40PSF

Everything is packed compactly in a small box

First impression is that the Pole Pruner looks like a small chainsaw with a long handle.

Greenworks G40PSF assembly

The lady was reading the manual aloud when assembling the pole pruner, assembled the boom similar to assembling a vacuum cleaner

assembly Greenworks G40PSF

Charge the battery and put it in the battery compartment

The mounting of the saw head, tensioning of the chain and filling up of the oil was made by an experienced man.

For someone who has worked with a chainsaw, the entire procedure took 7 to 10 minutes.

The tool is assembled, we check the power on and off, we do a 2-3 min test run as the manufacturer recommends , check again the tension of the chain. After that put on your belt and let’s get to work. Adjusted the length of the belt so that the carabiner is below the hip at a palm width distance.

Before you start sawing you need to lift the assembled pole pruner up and “shoot” at its weight, balance and collect.


You need special outfit: gloves, non-slip shoes and safety glasses MUST . Because the sawdust is flying in all directions, and if there’s also a breeze, it won’t be enough. And do not forget the headgear! Our tester skipped this point and then a long time combed sawdust out of her hair. Gloves are needed with “pimples” for a better grip on the handle of the tool. Wear earphones when working for long periods of time.

Test # 1. Shortening larch under electrical wires

The larch was bought as a decorative and low-growing “Buy with a good discount, it will grow to a maximum of 1.5 m. Blue, will be a decoration for the site” . In the end, it is like in the joke about the man and the bear at the bird market. The blue beauty grows underneath the electric wire. It is impossible to replant, you have to constantly monitor the growth of the tree, so that “the evil electric guys in the car with the tower did not cut it down by the roots”.

Wood is fragile, and it’s dangerous to use a ladder against the trunk for long periods of time. The Pole Pruner saves the day.

Greenworks G40PSF in operation

First of all we have to cut middle and small branches, getting closer and closer to the trunk

Greenworks G40PSF

Our tester easily made it from the ground and cut many of the branches from the stepladder

All the “uphill” work was done from the ladder by a man familiar with the chainsaw. And the lady stepped back and shaped the crown from afar, giving commands, “A little to the right, lower, higher, lower,” and encouraging: “Great! Well done!”. That way you will be much more helpful.

Bottom line

The larch tree was fixed in 10 minutes.

Greenworks G40PSF larch

The main thing is done: the distance between the tree and the wire is just right, and the shape of the crown looks good.

Greenworks G40PSF saws

The bevels look like this

The Greenworks G40PSF saw 2

Test no. 2. Trimming the dry crown of an apple tree

The top of a 55 year old apple tree is starting to wither. The tree is tall, there are no ladders to reach the top. Can’t do without the Pole Pruner.

You can see the green crown in the background. what needs to be removed. But so many new shoots have sprouted that we have to cut through them.

The Greenworks G40PSF apple tree

The tester sawed everything she could reach on her own from the ground.

Greenworks G40PSF apple tree 2

I tried it with a stepladder, but the apple tree is a strong tree and needs a lot of strength, so one branch was enough.

Pole saw

My husband continued. It took about 15 minutes. The battery is not even half discharged.

Greenworks G40PSF apple tree 3

Same technique: first the outer branches, then the branches closer to the trunk.


The Greenworks G40PSF cuts through thick branches and twigs in no time at all.

Greenworks G40PSF saw cut

The cut is straight enough to be painted over or covered with a garden varnish straight away.


When cutting thick branches and trunks do not try to cut in one go, it is better to do it in stages. Otherwise, the mahina can collapse on the sawyer.

Greenworks G40PSF parts

By the way, there is a small hook right under the twist lock of the chain cover, that can be used to pull the branch in the desired direction.

Check the chain tension from time to time to adjust immediately. Always saw in a downward direction to prevent the chain from blocking.

And do not forget to drain the oil, remove the battery and clean the Pole Pruner Greenworks G40PSF after finishing work.

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