Polaris SENSOR TOUCH hair dryer: just a touch

Hair dryer Polaris PHD 2259ST with SENSOR TOUCH touch-on technology, which you can use to not only style your hair in a flash, but also keep it healthy and dry.

Dryer Polaris PHD 2259ST

The touch-on function on the appliance’s Touch Me area makes it quick and easy to use during styling.

Thanks to SENSOR TOUCH technology it switches itself off when you use a comb or brush, and will start up again as soon as you pick it up.

IonDefence embedded tourmaline ionization protects the hair from drying out and overheating, keeping it moisturized.

It has three temperature and two speed settings, as well as a cold air blast function, so you can choose the best settings for each hair type and style.

Polaris PHD 2259ST

It has a loop for hanging, which makes it easy to store.

The concentrator nozzle directs the airflow precisely to a specific strand of hair, brush or comb, for a gentle effect on the hair.

This new model also has a 1.8m cord, so that you can easily roam in front of the mirror while styling.

New Polaris hair dryer warranty


2 years.

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