Polaris PWS 1526DGF electronic floor diagnostic scale Overview


Memory for 12 users, easy to use, nice design.


Not a good buy for weight control for pregnant women, the inscriptions on the buttons in English




FUNCTIONS: percentage of water, fat, bone and muscle mass, body mass index BMI , memory for 12 users, user parameters: gender, age 10-100 L , height 100-250 cm , choice of units kg lb.

CONTROL: electronic, graphic display indication of parameters, low charge, exceeding the maximum allowable weight graphic analyzer of measurements.

FEATURES: 160x30mm display, 6mm thick tempered safety glass platform, rubber feet.

POWER: 2 alkaline batteries 1.5 V, type AAA.

DIMENSIONS: 365 x 345 x 235 mm.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


Scales for normal weight measurement as well as for analysis of user body parameters. They are based on the principle of analysis of bioelectrical impedance BIA . Measurements are made with a non-tangible, non-hazardous, low-voltage electrical current. It can determine the percentage of bone, muscle, and fat. You are prompted to register to analyze your data, i.e., enter your gender, height and age. In the course of subsequent use, the scale will show the dynamics of changes in your parameters. Display gives a digital value and also shows a graphical indicator. It also displays your daily recommended calorie intake.

Price: 1259 Dollars.

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