Polaris PUH 2005DI humidifier will protect children from allergies and colds

The company Polaris, a manufacturer and supplier of climate technology for the home, has released an ultrasonic humidifier PUH 2005DI. Newly equipped with a built-in ionizer, thermometer, electronic hygrometer and ceramic filter for water purification. This allows the unit to maintain optimum humidity level in the home, protecting your children from colds and allergies.

Climatic technique

“In a room where a child lives, especially a newborn baby, dry air is unacceptable. Your baby has dry mucous membranes, blocked nose, he often wakes up at night. Pediatricians assure that the humidity in the nursery should not be below 50%. But during the heating season, this figure often does not reach even half of the 25%! Dry rooms are harder to breathe, increasing the risk of colds, flu, allergies, asthma. To create comfortable conditions for the kids, our grandmothers and mothers used to hang wet towels in the rooms. Today a humidifier takes care of the microclimate in the house. It will have a positive impact on the health of allergic people and ease the breathing of children,” says Anna Markova, Polaris expert.

During operation of the ultrasonic humidifier water from a special tank falls on a membrane plate vibrating at high frequency, splits into tiny sprays and forms a kind of steam. Passing through it, it can humidify the dry air and bring the air into the room.

Ceramic filter installed in the device cleans the water from impurities including calcium , making the outgoing steam as clean and easy to breathe as possible. An electronic hygrometer and thermometer help you set and automatically control your home’s humidity level. The built-in ionizer restores the balance of positive and negative ions in the air, maintaining a healthy microclimate.

PUH 2005DI has a unique function “Warm Steam”. Water is heated to 50°C before it enters the ultrasonic membrane. Warm steam” is produced at the output of the humidifier which is evenly distributed in the room. The air becomes saturated and refreshing, like a forest or a waterfall.

Touch panel, LED display and remote control for user convenience.

Timer that allows to set the time after which the device will automatically shut down. Humidifier can be programmed to remain in baby’s bedroom overnight and timed to shut off in the morning. Low noise level will not disturb baby sleep.

PUH 2005DI has a large water tank capacity of 5 liters. Thanks to that the device can continuously work up to 27 hours and clean the air in a room with an area of up to 20 sq.m. m. In the absence of water, the unit turns off.

The humidifier has a rubberised casing touch-cover and modern design.

Recommended retail price of PUH 2005DI is 3799 rub.

Technical Features

  • Power 140W.
  • Water consumption – 180-400 ml/h.
  • Volume – 5 l.
  • Surface area – up to 20 sq.m. m.
  • Touch control panel.
  • LED display.
  • Remote control.
  • Ionizer.
  • Warm Steam function.
  • Built-in thermometer.
  • Timer.
  • Electronic hygrometer.
  • Automatically maintains the humidity level.
  • Ceramic filter.
  • Automatic shutdown in case of lack of water.
  • Combined adjustment of steam flow.
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