POLARIS Masterclass: Cooking the world in a multicooker

At the end of October in the studio “Gastronome” a culinary master class “Cuisines of the World” was held. Cooking in a Multicooker” organized by POLARIS. The event was attended by popular actress and TV host Evelina Bledans. Together with the chef Mikhail Petrov and the journalists she cooked in a multicooker three dishes, which belong to different cuisines of the world.


TV host Evelina Bledans and chef Mikhail Petrov

First the guests of the master class cooked Evelina Bledans favorite soup – Thai Tom Yam with shrimps and coconut milk. The actress said that she fell in love with this dish after trying it in Thailand.

As a “main course” they made chicken stewed with couscous and vegetables according to the European recipe. Helping the cook to cut the ingredients, Evelina Bledans talked about the culinary preferences of her young son Semyon.

“He really likes fresh cucumbers, loves tomatoes. Semyon is similar to me in this, because I can’t imagine life without vegetables at all. And he began to like meat, used to spit, hated it, but he’s growing up, already becoming a man. Although, like all kids, we still like cottage cheese, porridge. I think that from now on it’s the multicooker that we’ll be making porridge with!”- commented Evelina Bledans.

For dessert the participants of the master class baked an American dessert – chocolate brownie in the multicooker. And Evelina Bledans shared her childhood memories with journalists.

“I remember my first meal very well. It was the junior classes. My friend Tanya and I went to her house and boiled eggs. For some reason we made it in the garden with a primus. We liked it very much!”

Dishes prepared at the culinary master class:

Big kitchen appliances

Tom Yum soup with coconut milk and shrimps


Chicken stew with vegetables and couscous


Chocolate brownies


Evelina Bledans tries the creation of her hands

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