Pioneer TS-WX710A Car Subwoofer Overview

13 May 2013. Pioneer presents a new ultra-thin car subwoofer with built-in amplifier, which allows to reproduce the powerful and rich sound in a wide range of bass. The Pioneer TS-WX710A active subwoofer is just 32cm thick., Which will appeal to car owners who want to enjoy extra bass boost, but don’t have the ability or desire to install a large subwoofer.


Pioneer TS-WX710A subwoofer with built-in amplifier is powerful and compact

The TS-WX710A was built with meticulous attention to detail, allowing Pioneer engineers to get the most out of the two 16cm bass drivers. Houses a 200 W MOSFET amplifier that also delivers a compact size and powerful sound. Rear-mounted horn system for rich, full and impactful bass reproduction. The TS-WX710A has a tough, scratch-resistant polyurethane exterior, so it can be placed on top of the subwoofer with no risk of damage. Detachable brackets provide a secure fit for the subwoofer, plus the ability to quickly stow the unit in case you run out of room in the trunk. The new subwoofer also features a wired remote for easy volume, phase and low pass filter adjustments.

TS-WX710A specification

Dimensions: 85

0 x 320 x 90 mm W x H x D

Scratch-proof, ultra-thin aluminium enclosure

Built-in MOSFET amplifier

Maximum power: 200W

Nominal power: 50W x 2 100W

Loudspeakers: 16cm x 2

Frequency range: 25 Hz to 200 Hz

Symmetrical horn system


Wired remote control

Secure mounting system.

Now for sale

The Pioneer TS-WX710A will be available from July 2013 at a recommended retail price of 11990 Dollars. For more information about pricing and availability, please contact your local Pioneer dealer.

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