Pioneer TS-WX305B and TS-WX305T subwoofers

9 December 2013. – Pioneer introduces two new high-quality subwoofers for trunk installation. The cubic TS-WX305B and the cylindrical TS-WX305T feature a voice coil driver with an increased power magnet, which increases reliability, reduces distortion and improves overall sound quality.


Pioneer TS-WX305B Subwoofer

Wear-resistant and overload-resistant woofer driver and extended voice coil with increased diameter aluminum core improves heat dissipation and increases subwoofer lifetime. The cone of the Pioneer proprietary IMPP seamless composite material delivers up to 1300 Watts of power with confidence.

The TS-WX305B subwoofer’s 23% shallower enclosure depth allows for easier and more flexible installation, allowing you to place the subwoofer in tight spaces such as behind passenger seats. The subwoofer exterior has also been updated, with a new grille, stylish red inlays, hard wearing black carpeting, as well as a reflex port turned into an additional decorative element and a large silkscreened logo on the sides. The built-in straps make it easy to mount and unmount the subwoofer when you need it. Stylish grille not only protects the driver from damage, but also gives the whole unit a modern look. Carpeting with embroidered company logo is used as a finish.

The new Pioneer subwoofers perfectly match the recently upgraded GM-A series amplifiers in both power and appearance .

The TS-WX305B and TS-WX305T will be available from January 2014. Recommended retail price 4290 Dollars. and 5,490 Dollars. respectively.


Pioneer TS-WX305T subwoofer

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