Pioneer SC-Series Receiver Review

The new SC-series receivers pass smoothly through 4K Ultra HD signal and provide scaling of video up to this level, read high resolution audio files, support pause-free playback and work for several zones

Review of Pioneer SC-Series Receivers

Pioneer introduces five new models of SC-series AV receivers designed to play audio-visual content in studio quality and meet the demands of home theater multichannel audio enthusiasts. 9.SC-LX87, SC-LX77 and SC-LX57 2-channel receivers, and 7.The two-channel SC-2023 and SC-1223 are compatible with high-definition audio files, support pause-free playback, the Pioneer iControlAV2013 app, and 4K Ultra HD video, and they also transmit content to several zones. The SC-LX87 and SC-LX77 are THX ULTRA2 Plus certified and have been perfected by AIR Studios.

“Released in 2013 for the special connoisseurs of high-quality sound on the home theater, the SC-series receivers allow you to achieve sound as impressive as an impressive 4K image,” explains Philip Coppens, product and technology manager of Pioneer Europe. – Combined with improved switching capabilities, multi-zone operation, and a powerful yet energy-efficient amplifier, they provide everything you need for a first-rate home multimedia center.”.

High-quality AV signal processing

Each receiver features the latest Direct Energy HD Class D amplifiers, as well as a number of innovative solutions to ensure impressive sound and image processing results.

Seamless signal pass-through

4K Ultra HD and upscaling – Pioneer’s latest receivers are designed with the next-generation 4K Ultra HD picture standard in mind. They drive 4K video to a compatible display, providing viewers with the highest quality images. In addition, each model, when connected to a 4K display, is capable of bringing the low-resolution input signal up to 4K Ultra HD.

32-bit ESS SABRE Ultra DAC

– The three higher-end models feature SABRE 32-bit high-end DAC from ESS Technology Inc., A reference device in digital-to-analog conversion.

Audio scaler

– The three older models of receivers are equipped with an advanced 32-bit/176.4/192 kHz audio scaler that works with any two-channel recordings. With it, even the resolution of common CD recordings can be raised to 32 bits/192 kHz and bring the quality close to high definition recordings.

Maximum flexibility and controllability

The new Pioneer receivers are equipped with features that give your home theater system its own identity.

Multi-zone operation

– All new receivers are capable of providing sound and picture in several rooms, High definition HDZone in a separate room a special HDMI output is provided . Up to four different iOS-devices running the Pioneer iControlAV2013 app can simultaneously control a single AV receiver, which allows you to fully enjoy its multi-zone capabilities.

An app instead of a remote control

– iControlAV2013 proprietary app gives you control over many receiver functions and features from your smartphone. This year the application was completely redesigned: there is a new user interface, menu navigation was simplified, a special ECO MANAGER page for power-saving modes was added. The app now features t.n. PUSH PLAYER, a new proprietary feature that gives users access to the music library stored on different devices with the ability to create playlists and stream them wirelessly – all from one app . iControlAV2013 for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch can be downloaded for free from the App Store


Power-saving features

– All 2013 receivers. Equipped with power-saving features to reduce power consumption in both operation and standby mode. When ECO-mode is engaged the receiver analyses and limits peak volume so that it matches the character of the content being played. Thus, power consumption is reduced, but sound quality is not. Enable or disable the appropriate function on the remote control of the receiver, from the front panel the button ECO Access or via a mobile device with the installed iControlAV2013 application ECO MANAGER .

High-resolution music playback and pause-free playback

– The new receivers play not only compressed files such as MP3, WMA and AAC. Pioneer also introduced support for DSD, AIFF, Apple Lossless, WAV and FLAC files that can be played back without pauses.

Extensive switching capabilities

The latest Pioneer receivers have a variety of networking features, such as AirPlay support1, DLNA 1.5, vTuner internet service and Bluetooth audio streaming reception via optional AS-BT200 BT adapter . The Pioneer AS-WL300 wireless LAN converter comes bundled with the three older models, and the SC-2023 and SC-1223 can be purchased for a fee.

Support for iPad, iPhone and iPod

– Every receiver in the lineup meets the latest Made for iPhone, iPod and iPad certification, including compatibility with the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

Android compatible

– MHL 2 interface support.0 Mobile High-Definition Link, t.e. “High Definition Mobile Interface” provides the ability to connect compatible Android devices and play audio and video files from them, including high-resolution 3D format, as well as quickly recharge your cell phone. Owners of compatible HTC smartphones including the new HTC One can take advantage of HTC Connect technology


, Streaming music directly to a receiver.

Increased number of HDM inputs/outputs

I – The three older models have nine HDMI inputs and three outputs, while the SC-2023 and SC-1223 have eight inputs/two outputs each including one MHL-compatible input on the front , making them ideal for consumers who need a receiver with the most flexible switching options.

Built-in asynchronous USB DAC

For uncompromising PC sound quality, the flagship SC-LX87 is equipped with an asynchronous USB DAC with direct connection to a Mac or PC


32 Bit/192 KHz audio files support.

Coming to Shop

The SC-LX57, SC-2022 and SC-1223 will be available in stores in July 2013., and the SC-LX87 and SC-LX77 will be available from August 2013. For more information about prices and availability of a particular model please contact your local Pioneer dealer.

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