Pioneer is the first company in the world to provide support for iOS and Android mobile platforms in all segments of its new products

October 24, 2012, New York, America. Pioneer Corporation has presented the newest acoustic solutions for cars, home audio systems, DJ-devices and headphones. All segments of the company’s products now support iOS and Android mobile platforms, which in addition to many functional innovations offers a unique user experience and convenience of using the devices in various situations to customers around the world, and now in America as well.

Pioneer Product Range

The official part of the presentation was opened by Mikhail Kanavichev, product planning manager of Pioneer RUS LLC, who talked about the main advantages of the new Pioneer car electronics and answered media questions.

“DEH-2500UI, DEH-1500UB UBG/UBA/UBB and DEH-150MP, which combine high sound quality with a wide range of connectivity options, are added to Pioneer CD-receivers model range. In particular, it is worth mentioning that two models allow direct control of Android devices via USB interface,” – Mikhail Kanavichev introduced the new devices.

Models feature support for many popular formats, including MP3/WMA/WAV. The devices are equipped with AM/FM tuner with RDS support and 4×50 Watt proprietary amplifier MOSFET . DEH-2500UB and DEH-1500UB UBG/UBA/UBB models provide direct control of Android devices via USB interface and DEH-2500UB can be connected to iPod/iPhone.

Multiformat CD-receivers Pioneer presented models DEH-X3500UI, DEH-X5500BT, DEH-4500BT, which combine advanced equipment with advanced switching capabilities and high sound quality. All new car CD-receivers are equipped with 4-channel amplifier MOSFET 50 watts per channel , as well as a 5-band graphic equalizer and technology Advanced Sound Retriever ASR , which restores information lost while creating compressed music files.

Built-in models DEH-X5500BT and DEH-4500BT Parrot Bluetooth unit provides wireless connection and information exchange with Bluetooth-enabled devices. And the DEH-X3500UI and DEH-X5500BT are equipped with MIXTRAX EZ, making it possible to receive audio files from iPod, iPhone or USB-drive and play them back, filling the pauses with special transitions and effects.

Two new models of Pioneer digital media receivers: MVH-150UB and MVH-150UI. “Easy-to-use models MVH-150UB and MVH-150UI with rich connectivity provide an opportunity to enjoy music in the car to those users who recorded their music library to the smartphone long ago”, – says Mikhail Kanavichev.

New media receiver’s connectivity has expanded to include a smartphone, portable MP3 player, or USB device, as well as MP3, WMA, and WAV audio playback. A front USB port makes it easy to connect a USB key while driving, and an analog Aux input makes it compatible with all kinds of portable audio players.

Evgeny Genis, Senior Product Planner, continued the event and presented the ultramodern home audio systems, solutions for Hi-End segment, as well as new models of Pioneer headphones.

The new Pioneer XW-SMA1, XW-SMA3 and XW-SMA4 wireless speaker systems, support AirPlay and DLNA and feature a built-in Wi-Fi module. “Wireless systems are designed for music lovers with an active lifestyle and provide an unusually easy connection and setup of compatible devices,” commented Evgeny Genis.

Users do not need to remember complex passwords and can connect to compatible Wi-Fi routers with the push of a button. Via Wi-Fi-network the music can be wirelessly transferred to XW-SMA4, XW-SMA3 and XW-SMA1 systems from Mac/PC or mobile device. All models support Wireless Direct technology, which allows you to transfer music without the help of a router.

New hi-fi micro-systems X-CM31, X-EM21, EM21V and X-EM11 which combine accurate sound with the latest design were also presented. The X-CM31 comes in a choice of colors black, white or black and red to match the interior of your home, apartment or office, while the X-EM21 is finished in a de luxe aluminum finish.

The compact and convenient X-CM31 Hi-Fi system works with multiple audio sources. The X-EM21, EM21V and X-EM11 have a CD drive, USB and FM tuner. The X-EM21 and EM21V also feature an iPhone/iPod dock and the EM21V, in addition to a CD drive, includes a DVD drive for viewing DVDs on a compatible screen.

The media representatives were also shown the new X-HM81 and X-HM71 universal hi-fi micro-systems designed according to the highest audio standards. The devices support AirPlay andEquipped with an iPod/iPhone dock and a USB input that is iPad compatible. “With a unique set of features – true hi-fi sound, ergonomics and stylish design – the X-HM81 and X-HM71 systems sound as good as they look,” said Eugene Genis.

During the presentation the journalists were able to get acquainted with the flagship models of 9.Pioneer SC-LX86, SC-LX76 and SC-LX56 2-channel AV receivers, and 7.2-channel AV-receiver SC-2022. The devices have a wide range of switching capabilities, support a variety of AV-formats and are characterized by advanced control and first-class audio and video characteristics. New items give a clear and powerful audio signal thanks to proprietary Advanced Direct Energy HD-class amplifiers.

The representatives of mass media could also appreciate the sound level provided by the newest stereo components Pioneer A-30, PD-30, PD-10 and N-50. The devices support Apple AirPlay protocol and play music files of different formats, including HD audio with 24-bit/192 kHz resolution from different sources – iPhone/iPad/iPod, Mac, PC, NAS, and USB-drives.

On the presentation there were also presented the latest models of Pioneer headphones: SE-D10M-W closed earphones and previously announced SE-MJ751, SE-MJ721, SE-MJ531, SE-MJ521, SE-MJ511.

At the end of the presentation Alexey Savanin, PRO SV product specialist, presented the company’s latest developments in the field of djing and widjing. In particular, DDJ-WeGo and XDJ-AERO controllers were presented.

Creating your own local network, the XDJ-AERO is capable of running up to four Wi-Fi enabled devices without any additional hardware. For the first time DJ can load music into rekordbox from smartphone, tablet or computer without any wires. The latest DJ-console DDJ-WeGo was also presented.

DJs looking to play their favorite music from the DJ software installed on their laptop can now use WeGO buttons and knobs for more tangible sound control and hands-on experience. DDJ-WeGo comes in five vibrant colors. “It’s even easier to create mixes with DDJ-WeGO.

Everybody, who has a passion for dance music can play tracks and mix songs with Pioneer’s compact and easy-to-use consoles,” commented Alexey Savanin.

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