Philips Smart TV: seven series with Internet access

Philips launches a range of new TVs with Smart TV capabilities for digital home entertainment. Seven of the eight new 2012 Philips lineup TVs have added this advanced functionality and are pushing the boundaries of home entertainment for users. With a personalized Smart TV homepage and even more user-friendly interface, Philips TV owners can enjoy the full capabilities of Smart TV.


Sixty percent of users access Smart TV multiple times a day

“Smart TV infrastructure is nearly complete now: consumers have access to broadband internet, the amount of cloud content and apps is growing, TVs have become “smarter” and consumers have realized the vast possibilities of modern digital technology.

Based on this, we expect to see extremely strong growth in consumer interest in the capabilities of Smart TV,” said Peter Vervoort, Vice President, Head of Product Strategy and Smart TV. – Over 60% of Smart TV users access the advanced functions of their TV more than 50 times a month.

Smart TV anywhere in your home

With Smart TV functions now available on even very small TVs 48cm and below , people can now access their TV content from any room in the house. “A world of digital entertainment and a wide range of apps is now available not only in premium series TVs, but also in the entry-level price segment,” adds Peter Verwoort.

Personalization and usability comes first

Ease of use of the Smart TV home page is a key feature: Philips refined the graphical interface of Smart TV, making it simpler and clearer and at the same time expanding the range of services available.

The possibilities for Philips Smart TV owners include access to their favorite apps, online videos and personal recommendations on the web. Philips Smart TV is based on a cloud-based ecosystem, so the Philips Smart TV portal is an upgrade for all Philips Smart TV owners.

Easy to use Smart TV home page

One click takes you to popular Smart TV services on the redesigned Philips Smart TV homepage. Top virtual button on home page shows actual weather, time and date info.

Upper left hand side of screen will continue to display selected TV channel or menu item while you are enjoying your Smart TV app choice. The new feature is that now to the right of the selected channel, the user will see a list of recommended apps, videos, TV shows, offers for delayed viewing and video on demand.

Application development support

With more than 500 Smart TV apps available today, Philips is expanding the Smart TV experience even further.

For this purpose, the company has launched a special Partner Portal , which offers developers everything they need including development kit and technical support to create new apps for Philips Smart TV.

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  1. Magnolia

    Can you please provide more details about the Internet access on the Philips Smart TV seven series? Specifically, what are the available features and functionalities? Is there a dedicated web browser? Can I stream content from popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon Prime? Do I need to connect any additional devices to access the Internet or is it built-in?

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