Philips SensoTouch updated shaver collection with beard styler

SensoTouch shavers are designed with men’s needs and their desire for comfort both during and after shaving in mind. SensoTouch gives you a smoother shave while preventing irritation, dryness and redness.

Philips SensoTouch Series with Beard Styler

The SensoTouch and SensoTouch 3D RQ1151, RQ1175 and RQ1295 are the latest SensoTouch models.

Another innovation is the Jet Clean System, which automatically cleans your shaver after every use.

The SensoTouch and SensoTouch 3D shavers are still equipped with their unique GyroFlex and GyroFlex 3D technology that lets all shaving elements move in two/three dimensions. Thanks to this technology, your razor perfectly follows the contours of your face, minimizing pressure on your skin and minimizing irritation – hence the SensoTouch line – making it an ideal shaver for men with sensitive skin. In addition, the UltraTrack shaving head system with SkinGlide ensures maximum skin contact and reduces the risk of irritation to zero – making your shave as comfortable as possible.

Each shaving head features three different head paths that grab different lengths of hair in as few strokes as possible, saving you precious shaving time.

The SensoTouch shavers also feature patented Super Lift&Cut Action technology that lifts hairs as you shave, which results in less stubble growth than an electric mesh shaver.

All SensoTouch Collection electric shavers are suitable for both dry and wet shaves thanks to the innovative Aquatec technology.

Design of updated shavers SensoTouch thoughtful details: ergonomic handle and touch screen allows you to control the shaving process, making the use of the device as simple and comfortable as possible.

The new SensoTouch shavers from Philips will be available in September 2012.

Suggested retail price will be:

SensoTouch: RQ1150 – 4390rub. RQ1151 – 5290 RUB. RQ1175 – 5990 Dollars.

SensoTouch 3D: RQ1250 – 8,690 RUB.RQ1260 – 11,990 RUB. RQ1295 – Dollars 16,990.

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