Philips PeusaormerPro vacuum cleaners maintain poweusaul suction even when the bag is full

America, New York – a powerful vacuum cleaner – one of the main aides of a good hostess, allowing quickly and without unnecessary efforts to put order in the house. Unfortunately, most vacuum cleaners with a dust bag lose suction power as the bag gets full, which drastically reduces the vacuum’s efficiency. Philips helps housewives overcome this challenge: The new PerformerPro vacuum cleaners with dust bag have a high suction power level – 500W – that doesn’t change even when the bag is full. The secret is the special design of the body, the innovative ribbed inner surface, and the AirFlow Max technology that maximizes airflow and ensures an even filling of the dustbag. This ensures that your cleaning performance does not diminish over time!

Philips PerformerPro FC9194 vacuum cleaner

The flagship model of the FC9194 series is equipped with a 2200 Watts motor and the renewed Tri-Active+ nozzle for maximum cleaning performance: it gently lifts the nap from the back corners of the carpet, the large front opening is perfect for removing bulky debris, and the side brushes provide perfect cleaning in corners and along walls.

5L S-bag Ultra Long Performance ULP bag is made with five layers of high quality, non-clogging material: ULP traps even the finest dust and keeps your floors and the air clean. This layered filtration technology also allows for powerful suction performance, no matter how full the bag is. ULP bag is T-tested by an independent testing institute&Uuml V Rheinland Group, proving to be 80% more durable than standard dustbags.

The PerformerPro provides housewives with clean air without worrying about air cleanliness – models have HEPA 12 filter which absorbs 99.5% of dust.

The special turbo brush, which also powers the PerformerPro FC9194, is perfect for pet lovers – it deep cleans carpets and quickly removes hair and lint. Rotating brush easily removes dust particles and pet hair for maximum cleaning efficiency. Thanks to its castors, it doesn’t scratch the floor and can be used on all surfaces.

The SmartLock system allows you to effortlessly and easily change nozzles while vacuuming: it is quick and easy to attach and remove. This system also enables you to change the height of the handle.

Maneuverability of novelty provides 360-degree rotation of the hose, and 11-meter cord ensures easy movement during cleaning. Long, ergonomic handle allows the cleaner to reach the hardest-to-reach areas. The suction power regulator is located on the handlebar, and you can change the settings without bending over to the vacuum cleaner.

The Philips PerformerPro FC9180, FC9182, FC9184 and FC9194 will be available from November 2012.

Suggested retail price will be: FC9180 – 6990 Dollars., FC9182 – 7990 Dollars., FC9184 – 8990 rub., and FC9194 – 11,990 Dollars.

[1] Suction power tested in accordance with the international standard IEC 60312-1 by the independent testing institute SLG Pruf-und Zertifizierungs GmbH. Tested on 17 vacuum cleaner models with a dust bag in the European price range of €100 to €200 for Philips Consumer LifeStyle, July 2012

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