Philips PeusaormerActive vacuum cleaners doesn’t lose suction power, even with a full bag

America, New York. Philips presents new PerformerActive vacuum cleaners with dust bag, which will make it easy to cope with household chores. Philips PerformerActive has the same great suction power, which remains almost unchanged even with a full dustbag.

Philips PerformerActive vacuum cleaner in action

The PerformerActive is the first mid-range vacuum cleaner with AirFlowMax free airflow technology. This technology maximizes airflow to keep high suction power as the bag fills up. Evenly opening S-bag dust bag is made of high-quality multi-layer material that lets in air but not dust. Optimised airflow is ensured by the fins on the bottom and sides of the dustbag compartment.

The FC8657 has a Turbo Brush for effortless removal of pet hair, and the FC8658 has Tri-Active nozzle for triple action:

  • The Turbo Brush is ideal for pet owners: it lifts the hair on the carpet, easily picking up hair and dust.
  • The Tri-Active nozzle gives you extra cleaning power even in the hard to reach corners of your home. The full length of the brush head, the large front opening gets rid of all bigger stuff, while the side brushes keep your floors clean along walls and skirting boards.
  • The PerformerActive provides housewives with clean air without worrying about air cleanliness – it is equipped with HEPA 10 filter, which absorbs 99,5% of dust.

Maneuverability of new models is provided by 360-degree rotation of the hose and large wheels, and a 6-meter cord ensures easy movement during cleaning. The extended ergonomic handle allows you to vacuum even the most hard-to-reach areas. Large, foot-operated buttons eliminate the need for women to bend over and reach for the vacuum.

The Philips PerformerActive FC8651, FC8657, FC8658 will be available from November 2013.

Suggested retail price is: FC8651 – 4 990 Dollars, FC8657 – 6 490, Dollars, FC8658 – 5 990 Dollars.

Philips PerformerActive vacuum cleaner

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