Philips irons will defeat even the most stubborn creases

To avoid getting lost in the endless rounds of household chores, every woman makes a list which is often frustrating. To keep your home warm and cozy, and your clothes clean and ironed, while staying up-to-date yourself ─ is not easy. Philips knows the solution to this problem and offers housewives the option of adding one of Philips’ EnergyCare or Azur Ionic DeepSteam irons to their arsenal of household tools.

The EnergyCare mixer not only saves you time but also up to 20% energy consumption. Thanks to the high steam impact of 100 g/min, EnergyCare irons smooth clothes quickly and easily, even the most stubborn creases and folds. The model is equipped with a drop-stop system and Double Active Calc, which prevents stains.

No need to get lost in front of a pile of men’s shirts. The Philips Azur Ionic DeepSteam iron will handle it perfectly. It has a unique, patented, pointed SteamTip spout, which uses ionised steam to easily penetrate even sensitive areas such as pockets and buttonholes.

Both irons feature the unique SteamGlide soleplate, which guarantees perfect gliding on all kinds of fabrics and gently irons silk, wool as well as difficult fabrics such as linen and denim.

Azur Ionic DeepSteam and EnergyCare irons help every housewife not only to enjoy doing housework, but also to take more time for herself. Because such indispensable assistants from Philips are simply irreplaceable in household chores.

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