Philips GC8350 steam system: Hard water, soft laundry!


Philips presents a new steam system GC8350 – time saving become real! According to a 2010 Philips study, using a steam system can almost halve the time spent on ironing. Innovative quick heat-up feature gets you up and running in under 2 minutes.

Steam is released at 5bar, continuously delivering steam for shorter ironing times! With a constant steam pressure of up to 120 g/min and a steam shock function, it quickly smoothes even the toughest creases in a tough fabric like linen or cotton.

Specially designed reservoir capacity of 1.4 liters, eliminates the need for constant refilling of water. The tank holds enough water to iron lots of clothes at once.

The GC8350 has a special limescale & limescale cartridge which protects the inside of the iron and water tank.

Now you can use even hard water, and to prolong the life of the system it is enough to rinse the boiler after every ten ironings. Ergonomic design and light weight ensure comfortable, effortless gliding and take the strain off your wrist.

The patented SteamGlide soleplate makes the Philips GC8350 steam system compatible with all fabrics: its ceramic coating ensures great glideability, and its combination of large and small holes ensures even steam distribution.

The system of vertical steaming thanks to the long steam output will help you to smooth even the most stubborn folds in hard to reach places.

The Eco Mode saves up to 20% of energy and 40% of water, without compromising ironing quality.

You’ll see a real time-saver in your home with the Philips GC8350 steam system, and the kids will thank you for the time you spend with them at their favorite game!

New Philips GC8350 will be available in March 2011. The recommended retail price will be 9990 Dollars.

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