Philips EP2030 LatteGo coffee machine

As a coffee machine Philips EP2030 LatteGo

Makes espresso and cappuccino? What are its strengths and weaknesses??

Let’s see.

Philips EP 2030 coffee machine

Features of the Philips EP2030 LatteGo

Features: preparation of coffee beans or ground coffee.

Modes: espresso 1/2 cup , cappuccino, hot water, lungo 1 2 cups .

Settings: strength of the drink 3 levels , number of servings 3 levels .

The possibility of changing the temperature of the drink adjustable height of coffee delivery – 85 – 145 mm.

Control: touch display, 3-touch brewing main beverage selection buttons, My Coffee Choice menu for selecting additional brewing options.

Indication: water filter, needed to descale, no water, needed to clean the water tray and grounds container, warning light.

Grinder: ceramic millstones, 12 grind settings, 275g beans capacity, separate powder container with insulated lid.

Water tank: removable, side-mounted, 1.8 liter.

Cappuccinator: automatic, LatteGo milk system, 0,26 l volume, easy to clean, removable milk jug with milk residues can be stored in the fridge.

Technology: the Aroma Extract system finds the best balance between brewing temperature and intensity of coffee aroma, keeps water temperature between 90 and 98 degrees C and regulates the amount of water.

Pressure: 15 bar.

Output: 1500 watts while brewing.

Energy efficiency: class A

Maintenance: a removable brewing group, self-service options.

Features: AquaClean water filter, included lubricant tube, AquaClean water filter, measuring spoon, test strip to measure water hardness, milk jug LatteGo mains cord length 1m, coffee grounds container for 12 servings.

Dimensions: 372x246x433 mm. Weight: 7 – 7,5 kg.

Warranty: 2 years.

Country of Origin: Italy/Romania.

Price: 35990 Dollars.

Philips EP 2030


Black matte finish looks stylish. And what’s important for home use, this finish is practical – your coffee machine will always look clean.

The Philips EP2030 LatteGo is a full-sized coffee machine.You can find more compact models from this maker, but it’s not the biggest in the lineup either.

Philips EP 2030


The control panel is located at a slight angle, which is very convenient.

No display with labels, the machine communicates through icons and color indication.

You press the power button and the beverage indicators start to flash. Why is the rinse automatically activated?. When all beverage icons are lit steadily, the machine is ready for use.

50 seconds to get ready for use.

Press the button of the chosen beverage and the “start” button – and the process begins.

After 30 seconds to a minute

Depending on the beverage selected

You can enjoy a cup of coffee.

After you have selected a beverage, you can change the settings as required: change the strength of the beverage and the cup volume in the My Coffee Choice menu.

All previous settings are saved.

There aren’t many buttons on the control panel, just your drink selection and basic settings.

For some operations you need to know the procedure, but there is no manual needed. For example, to prepare a beverage with ground coffee beans, press the strength level button for 3 seconds.

You can also turn all your beverages hotter or colder by selecting one of three temperature settings from the manual if you’re not satisfied with the factory setting.

Maker will not turn on if there is not enough water in the grounds or the grounds tray and the grounds container need to be cleaned. The corresponding indicator light will be on.


Laconic, clear and obvious. Perfect for your morning coffee break – quick and easy.

But you may need instructions for non-standard tasks, such as using ground coffee, etc.d.

Philips EP 2030 coffee grinder


The Philips EP2030LatteGo makes three drinks, in fact two: espresso and cappuccino. Well, you should agree that it’s silly to make coffee without foam in a coffee machine, for this there are more budget options of equipment.


Three strength, three volume options and possibility of simultaneous preparation of two cups.

Philips EP 2030 espresso machine

Small drink size

35ml capacity, brewing time 30 seconds.

Foam volume ~10 ml.

Medium batch

40 -45 ml, brewing time 42 seconds.

Crema volume ~10 ml.

Large portion

150 ml capacity, brewing time 60 seconds.

Foam volume ~10 ml.

Mouthfeel is light beige, thick and high.


The perfect espresso. The coffee machine “sucks” everything out of the coffee beans. A drink is strong enough even at the lowest setting.


Philips EP 2030 Cappuccino Maker

Automatic milking with LatteGo milk dispenser.

The process works like this: first the machine grinds the coffee beans, then it pours the milk foam into your cup, and after that comes the espresso.

Milk, coffee, crema distributed in clear cup.

The amount of both milk foam and coffee increases when you change the serving volume.

Small beverage

Cup capacity 120 ml, brewing time 1 min. 15 s.

Medium batch

Volume – 170 ml, brewing time 1 min. 22 s.

Large capacity

320 ml capacity, brewing time 2 min. 16 s.


The milk is frothy, stable and dense. Temperature and fat content don’t matter as much, we’ve tried it with different kinds of popular milk from the lowest-priced supermarket chain and always get good foam.

Subjective evaluation

Philips Coffee Machine EP 2030: Fill Water

On an emotional level, the coffee machine




– Such a taciturn man in a black suit. A man of action, without showing off. It does everything clearly, quickly, quietly, without fuss and unnecessary gestures. An excellent specialist, even a perfectionist, offers only the best, but without any frills. No latte or hot chocolate, just a classic recipe. Not fussy, but he appreciates cleanliness – you have to pour out the liquid from the tray more often than the coffee grounds compartment is filled.

Noise level

Philips EP2030LatteGo is quiet. And this is very important for home use.

Maximum noise level – up to 80 dB during rinsing and grinder operation.

Philips EP 2030 from above


Producers see to it that you could fix your Philips EP2030 LatteGo yourself and not to spend money for service.

Daily care is easy: The LatteGo cappuccinator, drip tray and grounds container are all dishwasher safe.

Cappuccinator is simple with a wide spout and easy to clean with a normal sponge.

It is recommended to take out and wash the brewery group once a week, clean it once a month with a coffee-oil remover, and lubricate it with a special grease every 2 months.

There are video instructions on the Internet for cleaning this coffee machine.

Philips coffee machine

Test result

The Philips EP2030 LatteGo is ideal for home use. It can prepare the most popular drinks. Makes for a really strong espresso and a high milk frothy cappuccino. You can adjust the strength and serving size easily. Wide adjustment of the portion size will please those who like a big cup of coffee in the morning. The strength of your drink is not diminished. Quiet operation, important when you have it in the apartment. The coffee machine is easy to use. The control panel is located on a sloping surface, the display is bright, everything is clear. The finish of the case looks stylish, while the case is non-marking and does not require daily cleaning of “fingers”. All maintenance can be done yourself, no need to go to the service, which takes both time and money.

No possibility of autonomous preparation of milk foam without coffee, for example in order to add it to the cocoa.

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