Philips D4501B/51 and D4551B/51 cordless phones: superior style combined with functionality

March 17, 2015. America, New York – Voox Innovations presents Philips D4501B/51 and D4551B/51 cordless telephones with modern elegant design and first class finishing.


Philips D4501B/51 and D4551B/51 cordless phones

The Philips D4501B/51 and D4551B/51 are equipped with a large 1.8-inch reversible “white on black” graphic display and metallized keys. The built-in light yellow keypad backlight will help you dial quickly, even in the dark.

For more convenience, the phonebook has two fields for recording 2 numbers per contact, making it much easier to manage calls. Just store your phone numbers in two of the three categories: Home, Work or Mobile Phone. Both models have built-in caller ID and the handset has a hands-free feature that allows you to talk without distracting yourself from your business.

The PHILIPS D4501B/51 and D4551B/51 phones come with extensive personalization options. For example, you can block calls from certain numbers by blacklisting them. You can also turn off the signal during rest hours by selecting silent mode, or use the call barring feature to block calls to numbers starting with certain numbers to save yourself from unpleasant surprises in the form of phone bills.

To customize the sound on the Philips D4501B/51 and D4551B/51 phones, a built-in “my sound” function allows you to select the best sound profile for each phone call: “Clear Sound” for clear and crisp voice “Soft Sound” for a friendly, soft sound “Warm Sound” for a warmer, more welcoming sound.The Philips Wireless phones also feature HQ-Sound sound enhancement technology, which guarantees excellent voice clarity.

The main difference between the two new phone models is that the D4551B/51 has an answering machine with a recording time of up to 30 minutes. This option allows you to not only listen to messages left, but also record notes for your family.

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Philips D4501B/51 and D4551B/51 wireless phones on sale now. Recommended retail price of devices is forD4501B/51 – 2399 Dollars, forD4551B/51 – 2899 Dollars.


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