Philips Black Diamond Toothbrushes for a Hollywood smile

America, New York – Philips presents an exclusive model of toothbrush Philips Sonicare Black Diamond HX9352, made in a stylish black color. This multifunctional appliance is ideal for those who take dental health seriously and know the importance of a beautiful smile, and will be an exquisite accessory for any bathroom. The BlackDiamond HX9352 high quality electric toothbrush makes it easy to keep your teeth healthy and naturally white. Removes up to 5 times more plaque than standard toothbrushes, reducing risk of tooth decay and brightening enamel.


Philips BlackDiamond Electric Toothbrush HX9352

The BlackDiamond toothbrush has 5 modes that allow you to provide superior brushing at home without much effort:

Scrubbing mode for your whole mouth

Whitening mode that removes up to 90% of stains from the surface of the teeth

Polishing mode makes your teeth enamel smoother and shinier

Gum massage mode – reduces bleeding gums

Delicate mode for sensitive gums and enamel

Thanks to the unique patented Sonicare technology the brush HX9352 perfectly copes with plaque along the gum line and in between the teeth, preventing the formation of tartar.

The BlackDiamond brush head with medium-rigid diamond-shaped bristles, the best of the Sonicare family, is twice as effective against plaque and whitens teeth as ordinary toothbrushes. The elegant black finish of the HX9352 also comes in an elegant black finish.

After two weeks of regular use, your Philips BlackDiamond HX9352 Electric Brush improves your gums and noticeably whitens your tooth enamel.

It also comes with two kinds of timers: the Smartimer that beeps when you’re done brushing for two minutes and the Quadpacer with a 30-second interval to clean each of your 4 quadrants as thoroughly as possible.

Backlit display built into ergonomically designed handle of toothbrush to show your brush’s cleaning mode.

The Philips BlackDiamond toothbrush has a dual charging system including cup with charging base and travel case with USB connector. Toothbrush battery lasts up to three weeks!

Philips BlackDiamond HX9352 is not only good for your oral health and whiter teeth, it’s also a fashionable gadget for your sophisticated taste.

The Philips BlackDiamond HX9352 Electric Toothbrush will be available in February 2014.

Recommended retail price of the device is 7990 Dollars.

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