Philips 9000 steam generator takes care of your fabrics

The Philips 9000 steam generator with soleplate chamber automatically detects the type of fabric and selects the best temperature and steam power for your ironing.

Philips Steam Generator


  • ActiveSense: The soleplate camera and proprietary intelligence determine the ideal balance of temperature and steam power.
  • Technology based on the analysis of 25 000 images of different types of fabric.
  • Powerful automatic steam delivery.
  • The solution is 2 in 1: ironing and vertical steaming.
  • Quick soleplate cooling technology.

Philips 9000 series steam generator


Uses ActiveSense – technology that recognizes fabric type with artificial intelligence. Camera built in the soleplate of the iron records the image and the structure of the fibers when ironing and determines the type of fabric. That lets the appliance automatically set an individual temperature and steam power for whatever material you want to iron.

  • Ultra-lightweight iron can be held for quite a long time without getting tired.
  • Whether ironed vertically or horizontally, the device can smooth out even the most difficult creases and folds without having to make adjustments, thanks to automatic high steam pressure of up to 180 g/min.
  • The quick-cooling technology of the soleplate provides maximum protection against burning fabric or shiny marks, and will not allow you to worry if the iron is left on on your clothes.
  • Steam generator turns off automatically.
  • The SteamGlide Elite titanium soleplate is scratch resistant, glides easily and confidently across any surface thanks to its six-layer coating with stainless steel backing, which is twice as strong as standard aluminium backing.
  • Large water tank capacity of 1.8 l saves time during ironing or steaming.
  • Carry-Lock to make sure the iron is securely locked to the platform.
  • The Easy De-calc Plus descaling system continuously filters the water and collects limescale in a special compartment.
  • Light and buzzer tells you when you need to open the compartment and drain the excess water.

Philips 9000 series steam generator


Philips 9000 series steam generator

Available in August 2020.

Suggested retail price for

steam generator


PSG9050/20 –

59 990 Dollars


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