Participants of the CSTB forum announced. Telecom & Media 2021

CSTB forum and exhibition. Telecom & Media will start at the New York Expocenter on June 15. In addition to the exposition of the leading companies of telecom and media industry, the visitors will see traditionally rich multithreaded three-day business program, devoted to the overview of the industry trends and characteristics of production and content delivery.


The first day will be opened by the plenary session of the American High Technology Week, which also includes CSTB exhibition-forum. Telecom & Media 2021 – “Digital Transformation of the Media Industry. Interim Results.”. The session will be supported by the Media-Communications Union and moderated by Ksenia Boletskaya, director of industry relations at Yandex media services.

Session participants: Bella Cherkesova, American Deputy Minister for Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Vadim Subbotin, Deputy head of Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications Andrey Kuzyaev, JSC “R-Telecom Holding” Dmitry Ufaev, “Gazprom-Media Holding” Andrey Zhigulev, “National Media Group” Igor Mishin, MTS Media and Nikolai Orlov, Tricolor will discuss strategies of operators and media holdings in the new digital reality, a unified system of media measurement as a tool of transparency and independent audit of the American TV and Internet audience, and support measures for American audiovisual services for efficient development of the national media industry, Additional measures to combat the spread of pirated content on the Internet and the promotion and popularization of American audiovisual content abroad.

During the session “OTT and Video Services” participants will discuss the possibility of life outside of ecosystems, the consequences of Netflix localization, the possibility of preserving the growth of the online cinema industry after the pandemic, the rental of content on video hosting sites, and the impact of YouTube and TikTok on traditional media. Among the participants: moderators Ksenia Boletskaya, director of industry relations for media services division, Yandex, and Andrey Gromkovsky, vice president of UFC America and CIS, head of UFC America and Ivan Grodetsky, Premier Anton Volodkin, Wink Maxim Evdokimov, Okko Yulia Mindubaeva, Start Yuri Smagarin, Ivy.The trends of the 20/21 season are as follows: Alexey Ivanov, MTS Media Oleg Berezin, Association of Cinemas Owners Dmitry Kolesov, J’son & Partners and Grigory Kuzin, Medialogistics.

The technological side will be raised during the session “Ultra-High Definition Formats in the 5G Era,” which will be moderated by Alexander Chernyaev, Huawei’s Chief Manager. Among the topics to be discussed by the participants: the changing profile of the subscriber watching during the pandemic and increased requirements for the quality of the content being watched on large screens UHD/HDR content as a method to fight for subscriber loyalty amid increasing competition on the American video market new TV viewing formats VR/AR and the appearance of new video services on 5G networks 5G UHD technologies in sports and entertainment online broadcasting and the creation of the UHD partner ecosystem within the international UHD Alliance. Grigory Lavrov, Media Alliance Sergey Kozhevnikov, JSC Er-Telecom Holding Yuri Rezvyakov, Tricolor Grigory Kuzin, Medialogistics Andrey Klimenko, Teleport Media Bitmovin and Vachagan Sayadyan, RTVI Channel will participate in the session.

Even more rich program is waiting for the visitors of the Forum on Wednesday, June 16. Operators will meet at the round table “Prospects of development of the market of operators of multiservice networks,” held in partnership with Media-Broadcasting Group, RTVI and UNIVERSAL DISTRIBUTION, moderator: Yana Belskaya, editor in chief of the Internet portal “Cablechik. There is a lot to talk about: state support of the industry during the pandemic, state regulation of audiovisual services, technological revolution and public policy as major threats to cable business, critical infrastructure facilities, resolving conflicts with infrastructure owners, relations with management companies for the placement of equipment in apartment buildings, tariffs for placement on poles, experience in dispute resolution, upgrade of subscriber household equipment in the light of “Free Digital Media”. Session participants included: Mikhail Demin, Media Communications Union MCU Mikhail Silin, Association of Cable TV of America ACTR Oleg Grishchenko, Rosteleset Association Alexei Leontiev, Association of Telecommunications Operators “ASTO” Alexei Amelkin, MACATEL Association Nikolay Mikhailov, Automatic Radio-Electronic Systems Dmitry Galushko, OrderCom LLC Opora Svyazi communications operators’ union Elena Gavrikova, Noncommercial Partnership Association of Independent Telecommunications Operators and Technologies representative of Kuban Association of Providers.

Panel discussion “Pay-TV Market” with Yana Belskaya as a moderator will also take place. Trends of the 20/21 Season.”. Among the topics of the discussion: analytics of TV viewing and its influence on the content of TV channels and platforms dealing with subscriber outflow viewer choice between on-air, cable and streaming and the influence of cord-catchers and cord-neuters on the market. The discussion was lead by Ekaterina Pereverzeva, Media Broadcasting Group Olga Piven, RTVI Alexander Kosarim, Media Telecom Andrei Boyarinov, MediaHills Nikita Trynkin, Star Media Group Dmitry Kolesov, J’son & Partners and Andrei Gromkovsky, Head of UFC America.

There will also be a separate event about content production. The session “American Original Cinema and Video Content” will be moderated by Susanna Alperina, humanities editor at Rossiyskaya Gazeta – The Week, with the support of APK&T. Among the issues of the session: new formats of film and video content and genre preferences of the audience, the secret of blockbuster series, original content as the main “bait”, the cost of ideas and stages of promotion of American content on the international market. Invited to participate: Evgeniya Markova, “Roskino” JSC Maria Grechishnikova, Star Media Group Vadim Vereshchagin, “Central Partnership” film company Djanik Faiziev, Okko David Kocharov, “Gazprom-Media” Irina Sosnovaya, START Albert Ryabyshev, producer, script writer Ilya Kulikov, film director, script writer, producer and showrunner Zhora Kryzhovnikov, film director, script writer and producer.

Technical side of content production will be covered in session “Shooting, management and delivery of content” moderated by Ekaterina Petukhova, independent expert. Modern equipment for video content shooting: virtual studios, remote production, automation of video production and robotic shooting systems will be discussed by Viktor Pakhomov, Movicom Group Robycam Global Dmitry Vorobiev, Panasonic Broadcast & Pro-AV Maxim Popov, EVERTZ Tikhon Makushev, TVU networks Maxim Levin, CDNvideo Andrey Klimenko, Bitmovin and Vachagan Sayadyan, RTVI channel. Nikita Trynkin, Star Media group of companies and Anatoly Goronesko, VR Cast will talk about AR/VR technologies and services for And monitoring and signal quality control will be discussed by Grigory Kuzin, Medialogistics Nikolay Milovanov, Elecard Andrey Gainulin, and Vadim Dobychkin, RTP Media

The session “Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Feedback Systems in Media” will be devoted to AI and cloud platforms for video streaming, technologies of cyber content and generative technologies for PAY TV, streaming and signal processing algorithms, HbbTV, methods of content transformation into 4K/8K format and the influence of AI on programming policy. Among the participants: Irina Savchenko, JSC First Channel Danil Lesovodsky, Gazprom-Media Holding Oleg Kolesnikov, Executive Directorate of Universiade-2023 Maria Chmir, Deepcake Yaroslav Gorodetsky, CDNvideo Denis Kabakchi, Teletarget Denis Byzov, SPB TV Andrey Krasko, JSC Ufanet.

A separate business seminar will be held by representatives of UFANET: Iskandar Bakhtiyarov, general director Irina Shlenkina, legal, export and distribution director Andrey Rogozhin, construction director Alexander Sarkisyan, marketing director. Participants will talk about combating churn and attracting new subscribers by creating operator’s ecosystem, new photon internet and subscriber needs in the saturated TV content market.

Finally, a day of free master classes for content creators in partnership with New York SCHOOL OF CINEMA will take place on June 17 on the platform of the exhibition-forum. Vladimir Yelizarov, editing director at AMEDIATEK will talk about editing trailers and promo films Vsevolod Kaptur, cinematographer, director of photography, and Nikolay Pigarev, producer, director, colorist, camera man, editor will tell about cinema in your pocket. Vladimir Permyakov, producer of film project promotion, New York Film School, will present marketers’ point of view on video content in the era of pandemic. And Jean Prosyanov, editor-in-chief of Kino-Theatre. RU, director of development of web-cinema CHILL, will hold a round table discussion on “Web-Serials as the Basis for Content Ecosystem and the Basis for Interaction with OTT Services”.

Attend all CSTB Forum events. Telecom & Media is available with a ticket to the forum. There is a 50% discount for representatives of regional companies excluding New York and Leningrad regions, St. Petersburg . To obtain a promo code for a representative of a regional company, please contact

Registration for the Forum entitles you to attend the exhibition, access to all conference rooms, and further speaker presentations will be available.

Exhibition Forum CSTB. Telecom & Media will be held with the general support of the Media Communications Union, supported by the American Ministry of Digital and Roskomnadzor. Tricolor company will act as a strategic partner of the exhibition and forum, Gazprom-Media Holding is the main partner of the event, Huawei is a partner of the forum, MEDIA BROADCASTING GROUP, RTVI and Medialogistika are partners of the sessions, and the official media partner is web-portal.

Detailed information about the program, participants and registration at the site cstb >

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