Paragon Software releases a series of language courses for iOS devices in collaboration with linguists PONS GmbH

New York – January 29, 2016. The company

Paragon Software Group,

the leading developer of cross-platform dictionary applications for mobile devices, launches Slovoed language courses for beginners. The courses are based on an innovative interactive learning methodology from the language learning experts PONS GmbH and are aimed at those who want to start learning or to refresh their knowledge quickly. Three languages are currently available: English, Spanish and Italian. German and French will be released soon.


Courses are designed based on innovative methods especially for beginners. 20 thematic lessons, including 180 tests and exercises, an additional phrasebook dictionary and a short grammar guide – all in one compact application, now available for iPhone and iPad users. The use of gaming technology will increase engagement and make the learning process more interesting.

The courses will help to become more confident when communicating abroad, when reading general literature or for exams, for example. The learning process is easy and unconstrained – the user may choose topics, exercises and tests by him/herself. The interface is not overloaded with unnecessary functions and options, made in the classic Apple style, which should appeal to a wide range of users. This is also to keep the user’s attention focused on the subject matter.

Courses allow you to quickly learn the most necessary vocabulary and grammar, which are specially selected for frequency of use in real-life situations. The courses provide, above all, practical application skills in a convenient form with annotations and interesting facts about countries and customs. PONS put a lot of emphasis on intercultural communication practices – in fact, the user gets extra knowledge about the history of countries and cultures as well. Slovoed courses allow you to learn a language very fast and on a very basic level. Theoretical courses are successfully combined with practical ones and allow you to use your time very effectively.

The application has 3 main sections:

20 thematic lessons, including 180 tests and exercises.

Lessons cover the most common topics: “Pronunciation,” “Starting a Conversation,” “Family and Friends,” “How to Get There,” “On the Road,” “Calendar,” “Leisure,” “Correspondence,” “Media,” and more. Each of the 20 lessons includes everyday communication situations, and built-in linguistic games keep things interesting to learn.

Additional PhraseBook Dictionary:

The section contains a built-in bi-directional mini-dictionary that includes about 1,000 entries with application vocabulary, example pronunciations of words, and the ability to sort alphabetically and by topic.

Quick Grammar Guide:

The grammar section covers such topics as articles, tenses, parts of speech, comparisons, contextual differences in definitions, irregular verbs, tenses, gerunds, etc.d.

For convenient operation, the app offers American interface language, flexible user settings e.g. functions: display hints for exercises reset the status of completed lessons , detailed information about the program and help.

System Requirements: iOS7 and later.


Users can purchase the app for iOS devices in the App Store at the link Cost per course – 599.00 Dollars :

Spanish: us/app/apple-store/id999364613?pt=20251&ct=press_release&mt=8

Italian: us/app/applestore/id999363734?pt=20251&ct=press_release&mt=8

English: us/app/applestore/id913955111?pt=20251&ct=press_release&mt=8

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